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Greatest Boxers of all Time

*Boxing* is one of the Most popular Sports in the world in witch only two Boxing players can fight. Millions of people like boxing to watch the fight between to players they are beating to one other by Punches. This is the third sports in the world in witch players beating to one other. Human Fought hand to hand  before of Boxing but when boxing become a famous sports then mostly people get involve in the sports in witch  player wear protective gloves. This is an co-Sports Male and female players plying boxing from different. Millions of $ make players by this sports yearly. Here we are going to discuss how much the net worth players make. Our discussion consist on Greatest Boxers of all Time. So Below Read information bout the Best Boxers Briefs.

Greatest Boxers of all Time, Best Boxers Briefs

#10: Harry Greb

Edward Henry Greb was an best Boxer that belong to america. Harry is one the most popular boxer of all time and he regarded as a best player.  He was one of the American light heavyweight best champion from year 1922 to 1923 and world middleweight champion from year 1923 to 1926. His Record is 105-8-3 (48 KOs) and 183 no-decisions that was a best Record of the time. In 1922, Greb became the only one boxer to beat the future heavyweight champion Gene Tunney  the man who dethroned the greatest Jack Dempsey. When we calculate biographies of the Boxing Champions then we can see that Edward Henry Greb 10th Greatest Boxers of all Time.

#9: Benny Leonard

The Ring Racer 1911-32 Benny Leonard is the world most popular and professional Boxer with lots of awards. Benny Leonard born at Benjamin Leiner on April 7, 1896 and Expired on April 18, 1947. Currently millions of fans like to their sport and matches of the history that won Benny Leonard. He is the 8th best boxer in his time. When we go to research on Best Boxers and Boxer Briefs then Benny Leonard is the 9th in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time.

#8: Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino professional and greatest boxer and also a big politician. Pacquiao currently serving and performing the role of  Senator in Philippines. In 2016 Pacquiao was ranked world number 2 on ESPN’s in the list of top  past 25 years boxers. Manny Pacquiao is currently on 8th position in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time.

#7: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

 Greatest Boxers of all Time Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American boxing player witch is the best promoter and former Boxer. This professional boxer born on 24 February 1977 at , Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Currently Floyd Joy age is 40 years. Floyd Mayweather Jr one of the superstar boxer and millions of people like to watch their games. He played from 1996 to year 2007 and 2009 to 2015 year. Here you can read personal details of the Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

Born: on 24 February 1977 at Grand Rapids, Michigan United States
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 1.73 m
Reach: 72 in (183 cm)
Children: Jirah Mayweather, Iyanna Mayweather, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, Koraun Mayweather

#6: Roberto Duran

Roberto Durán Samaniego is the world most popular and professional former Boxer which belong to Panamanian.  The Sports Duration of the Roberto Duran  from 1968 to 2001. In this duration he perform will and become 6th professional boxer of the world. Roberto was a fighter in the ring and versatile brawler, which become famous by his nickname of “Manos de Piedra” for his power of devastating punching. By the complete information and sports history Roberto Duran have 6th position in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time. More Informative details about Roberto Duran:

Born: On 16 June 1951 at Guararé, Panama
Nationality: Panamanian
Height: 1.7 m
Reach: 66 in (168 cm)
Movies: Rocky II, Harlem Nights
Children: Roberto Duran, Víctor Durán, Dalia Durán, Giovana Durán, Robin Durán, Irichelle Durán

#5: Sugar Ray Leonard

Ray Charles Leonard is the former professional American boxer. He is an occasional actor and motivational speaker which Born on 17 May 1956 at Rocky Mount United States. The world greatest Boxer Ray Charles won lots of boxing completions by which they are so famous in the world. Mostly people like to watch Ray Charles Leonard because they regarded as a superstar boxer in the history. Sugar Ray Leonard won the world titles at light-middle, super-middle, middle and light-heavyweight. Charles Leonard is the 5th boxer in the ranking of Greatest Boxers of all Time. Here some informative information about Ray Charles Leonard.

Born: On 17 May 1956 at United States, Rocky Mount, North Carolina,
Reach: 74 in (188 cm)
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Juanita Wilkinson (m. 1980–1990), Bernadette Robi (m. 1993),
Children: Camille Leonard, Ray Charles Leonard, Jr.Jarrel Leonard, Daniel Ray Leonard,

#4: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is an will know American Most Popular professional Boxer. People like to watch his Fighting and highlights Muhammad Ali widely regarded best champion boxer of the world. In all Boxers Muhammad Ali is the first player who won the World heavyweight title three times. This is one of the greatest and popular record of the Muhammad Ali. Mostly People remembering him for some of the most legendary and awesome moments in the ring. When we search best boxer history then Muhammad Ali is the 4rth Player in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time. More Best Boxer Briefs below.

#3: Willie Pep

Guglielmo Papaleo was an American Former professional boxer also known as Willie Pep who held World Featherweight championship twice between 1947 and 1950. He Regarded as one of the superstar and famous boxer of the world. Mostly People Enjoy their Old competitions and fights highlights. Willie Pep become famous by his awards and titles, which they won in his time. Pep played 241 Total fights in their time. In the list of Greatest Boxers of all time Guglielmo Papaleo is on 3rd position.

#2: Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong was an American Former professional boxer of all time and a global boxing champion who fought under the name of Henry Armstrong. Henry Jackson Jr. is the only one best boxer to hold world titles three different weights at same time. The biggest boxer Armstrong was born on 12 December 1912 and died on 24 October 1988 at Los Angeles, California. He won the famous featherweight title crown on October 1937 before winning of the welterweight title on May 1938 by which they became lightweight champion three months after. He faced total 17 world champions and mostly they won. Jackson Jr. is the 2nd best boxer in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time.

#1: Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson was an American Superstar former boxer widely considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxer the world. Sugar is the First man Boxer of the whole world which perform will and beat top boxers. He become first time as a professional boxer on 1940 and played at 1965. In this Duration Sugar Ray Robinson Won World Top Titles and also the beat best boxers of the field. People Regarded him in their hearts as one of the most powerful and professional Boxer. He become total five-time world middleweight champion in which they beat the historical boxers. Millions of people missing their game and fighting styles. Robinson is the world First professional boxer in the list of Greatest Boxers of all Time. Here are the Personal Information for Sugar Ray Robinson.

Born: On 3 May 1921 at Ailey, Georgia
Died: On 12 April 1989 at Los Angeles
Reach: 72 in 183 cm

The above whole article consist on the Greatest Boxers of all Time, Best Boxers and Boxer Briefs. If you have any Quotes and Ideas about Boxers and you are a Boxing Lover then Join our Discussion in Comment.

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