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The ‘Yes!’ The celebration became synonymous with Ronaldo in the latter part of his career and he started doing it when he was at Real Madrid. He yelled “Yes!” on stage at the 2014 Ballon d’Or ceremony after accepting the award in front of arch-rival Lionel Messi, prompting mixed reactions with many stunned by the outburst.


Apparently the FIFA translator was taken aback and some of those present, like then-Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, laughed.


“The scream? The players know that I always scream like this when I score a goal or when we win,” Ronaldo told Spanish TV channel Cuatro afterwards. “That’s our reputation at Real Madrid.” It was the Real Madrid team’s cheer, it’s clearly his trademark and he continued to use it when he joined Juventus.

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Given Ronaldo’s popularity as a player, it’s no surprise that his fans regularly imitate the celebration. Interestingly, even his fellow pros copied the move. In 2019, Serbia international Mark Grujic performed a rendition of the Yes celebration after scoring against Schalke while on loan at Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin.

“Pure emotion. I couldn’t control it, it just happened,” Grujic told Bild. “I admire Ronaldo.He’s a big role model for me because he’s obsessive about his development. Later in the year, members of the K-League All-Star team did so during a game against Juventus, drawing a wry smile from the Portuguese, who had a front-row seat on the bench.

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How to do Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Yessy” celebration on the side when you land. The position of your legs as you land is also critical – they should be spread in a “power stance” and ideally with your back to the crowd, showing the name on your jersey.

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Once the pirouette is complete, the final momentum of the celebration is the shout of “Yes!” When Ronaldo performs the celebration, he often blends some of his other familiar celebratory gestures into a confident mix.

For example, he might throw his arms to his side when running into the crowd, or point to himself in a way that suggests he’s actually the man. Of course it would be rude to hold the celebration while chance is the first thing you need to do is throw the ball in the net!

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