Man Utd legend Patrice Evra was spotted to date with model 14 years younger Margaux Alexandra in London

Patrice Evra’s Passionate Lunch Date with Dutch Model Margaux Alexandra
A PDA Moment at Little House in Mayfair

Passionate: Married footballer Patrice Evra put on a very cosy display with Dutch model Margaux Alexandra in London on Friday

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, 42, has recently captured the spotlight with a heartwarming display of affection towards Dutch model Margaux Alexandra.Packing on the PDA: The former Manchester United defender, 39, passionately kissed the blonde beauty as they enjoyed an alfresco lunch at Little House in Mayfair

The pair shared a cozy lunch outside at the famed Little House in Mayfair, creating a moment that has fans buzzing.Man Utd legend Patrice Evra gets engaged to model girlfriend Margaux Alexandra, 25, after splitting with ex-wife | The Sun

The Enchanting EncounterFocused: They seemed particularly interested in something on Patrice's phone at one point

Passionate Kiss: Evra, known for his prowess on the football field, showcased a different kind of skill as he shared a passionate kiss with the blonde beauty, Margaux Alexandra.Touchy-feely: Patrice certainly seemed very familiar with the model

The intimate moment unfolded against the charming backdrop of Little House in Mayfair, adding an extra layer of romance to the encounter.Focused: They seemed particularly interested in something on Patrice's phone at one point

A Culinary ConnectionSocial media savvy: The pair gazed down at their phones during the lunch

Lunchtime Delight: The duo enjoyed their meal al fresco, savoring not just the culinary delights but also each other’s company.Evli futbolcu Patrice Evra, Hollandalı model Margaux Alexandra ile fena  yakalandı! - Spor Haberleri

Little House in Mayfair provided the perfect setting for this rendezvous, blending the elegance of the locale with the warmth of Evra and Margaux’s connection.Distracted: The lovebirds inspected Patrice's phone during the outing

Social Media Buzz

Fans in Frenzy: Patrice Evra’s romantic interlude with Margaux Alexandra sent social media into a frenzy.Low-key look: Patrice was casually-clad in a denim waistcoat and a T-shirt

Fans of the former football star and admirers of Margaux couldn’t get enough of this unexpected and heartwarming moment, leading to a surge in online discussions and hashtags.Bonding: The pair appeared in high spirits as they chatted and laughed over lunch

Mayfair Magic: The choice of Little House in Mayfair added a touch of sophistication to the rendezvous, resonating with fans and followers who appreciate the fusion of romance and luxury.Lovestruck: Margaux couldn't keep her hands off the former footballer

The hashtag #EvraAndMargaux trended as users shared their thoughts on this captivating lunch date.Big appetite: Patrice tucked into some chips during lunch

Closing Thoughts: Love in the Air

In conclusion, Patrice Evra’s cozy show with Dutch model Margaux Alexandra at Little House in Mayfair was more than just a public display of affection.Chilled out: The former Manchester United captain looked relaxed during the lunch

it was a moment that resonated with fans and sparked conversations across social media. As the duo embraced against the elegant backdrop of Mayfair,Talking it out: The pair appeared deep in discussion as they left the restaurant

they not only shared a kiss but also created a memory that will linger in the hearts of their admirers. Love, it seems,

Whittling away the afternoon: The couple headed on from their lunch date found its way to the lunch table in Mayfair, leaving us enchanted by the magic of this unexpected and heartwarming encounter.

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