Inside top 8 RICHEST WAGs in football world Messi’s wife is twice as rich as Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Inside top 8 RICHEST WAGs in football world Messi’s wife is twice as rich as Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Long gone are the days when footballers’ Wags were content to let their partners hog the limelight. In a refreshing twist, these eight beauties are carving their own paths to success,

making waves independently. What sets them apart? Their staggering personal fortunes have earned them coveted spots on the ultimate footballers’ Wags rich list.

But, as per Gambling Zone’s research, the burning question remains: who claims the throne as the wealthiest?

8. Georgina Rodriguez, £9million

Cristiano Ronaldo und Georgina Rodriguez zeigen sich in Madrid - 20 Minuten

Georgina Rodriguez poses in just a bra as Cristiano Ronaldo's Wag treats fans to sexy mirror selfie | The US Sun

7. Ana Ivanovic, £13million

Bastian Schweinsteiger + Ana Ivanović: Thomas Gottschalk verrät Familiengeheimnis |

Bastian Schweinsteiger und Ana Ivanovic: "Wir ergänzen uns perfekt" |

6. Coleen Rooney, £15million

Wayne Rooney: Coleen is a different mother and wife since Vardy 'sting' row | The Independent


5. Antonella Roccuzzo, £16million

Messis Lovely Pics With Wife Antonella

4. Ann-Kathrin Gotze, £28million

Ann-Kathrin + Mario Götze: Baby Nr. 2 ist da!

3. Anna Lewandowska, £36million

2. Pilar Rubio, £47million

Relacionan a Sergio Ramos con una mujer que no es Pilar Rubio: "Se habla de un nombre concreto" - Chic

1. Victoria Beckham, £55million

WAG tuổi Dần: Victoria Beckham - người 'cầm cương' chàng lãng tử

In the glamorous world of football, the spotlight isn’t only on the players but also on their equally dazzling partners. The term “WAGs” stands for Wives and Girlfriends, a group that encapsulates the epitome of style, sophistication, and, most importantly, wealth.

1. Victoria Beckham: The Reigning Queen of Football Royalty
From Spice Girl to fashion icon, Victoria Beckham tops the charts as one of the wealthiest WAGs in the football realm. With her thriving fashion empire and brand endorsements, she’s not just the wife of David Beckham; she’s a powerhouse in her own right.

2. Georgina Rodriguez: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Leading Lady
In the universe of football power couples, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez shine brightly. Georgina, a model and influencer, brings not only beauty but also a substantial social media following, contributing significantly to the couple’s combined wealth.

3. Shakira: More Than Just a Hips Don’t Lie Sensation
Known globally for her sensational music and dance moves, Shakira is the partner of Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué. Beyond her chart-topping hits, Shakira’s savvy business ventures and philanthropic efforts add to the couple’s impressive financial portfolio.

4. Coleen Rooney: A British Gem in the WAG Crown
As the wife of England’s record goal-scorer, Wayne Rooney, Coleen Rooney is a prominent figure in the WAG scene. Her influence extends beyond the football field, with successful ventures in fashion and endorsements, making her one of the wealthiest WAGs.

5. Irina Shayk: A Russian Beauty in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Past
Before Georgina Rodriguez, there was Irina Shayk, the Russian supermodel who captured Cristiano Ronaldo’s heart. Irina’s successful modeling career and forays into acting have contributed to her standing as one of the richest WAGs in football history.

6. Sara Carbonero: Adding Elegance to Iker Casillas’ Life
Sara Carbonero, a Spanish sports journalist, adds a touch of elegance to the list. Married to legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Sara’s media ventures and her innate sense of style make her one of the most affluent WAGs in the football world.

7. Pilar Rubio: Sergio Ramos’ Better Half
Pilar Rubio, a Spanish television presenter, brings charisma and glamour to the WAG scene. As the wife of Sergio Ramos, her media engagements and business ventures contribute to the couple’s impressive financial standing.

8. Abbey Clancy: English Charm in the Football Limelight
Abbey Clancy, married to England striker Peter Crouch, graces our list with her English charm. A successful model and television personality, Abbey’s multifaceted career adds to the couple’s affluence.


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