Rodrigo looks different from his $75 million luxury home in downtown Madrid.

Rodrygo Goes is a 22-year-old Brazilian striker who plays for Real Madrid and is one of the team’s current and future assets due to his athletic qualities that make him the best player in multiplayer.

Few players are able to move like Rodrigo. The natives of Rio have a lot of affection and, above all, the necessary calmness when shooting.

Some believe his tools could elevate him above Vinicius, something he has yet to do. It has already happened; The left-back has been very popular in his performances for Los Blancos this season.

It doesn’t seem like enough to stop the bullying that is Vinnie’s personality, and that is violence. Despite scoring goals at crucial moments in the Champions League, including the semi-final against Manchester City, Rodri has been inconsistent.

He can have a good game, but when he suddenly disappears, fans are confused.But last year, it was normal to adjust things.
In the Brazilian national team, he did not have the opportunity to shine that other leaders could. However, given the number of injuries to other footballers,

it is more likely that he will be given the opportunity to compete in the Copa America and Conmebol 2024. The same things that affect big headlines and poor results.

Rodrygo Goes is having a great season for Real Madrid, scoring twice against Cádiz and adding to his tally of five goals in six games, his best of the season. Its greatest reward is when the meringue needs it most.

The star forward is one of the team’s 11 most expensive players, earning around $160 million, allowing him to enjoy luxuries such as living in a mansion in La Moraleja, one of the private residences.

Madrid, where the house is
It can cost between 100 million and 400 million pesos.

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