Most popular sports in Canada

There are many numbers of sports which popular and most played sports in Canada. Huge numbers of fans these sports have from all over the World. Officially “Ice hockey” and “Lacrosse” are winter and summer Most Popular sports which have high numbers of fans than others sports. Some other sports that are very popular in Canada are rugby, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Check Now details of 6 Most popular sports in Canada.

#1: Hockey the Popular Sport

Hockey is only and one sport which played in all over year in different countries. This is the sports which have the most viewers in Canada. Ice hockey is also a national sport in Canada. “Hockey Canada” is a member of International ice hockey federation. Canadian hockey team participates every time in international tournaments and also in the Olympics.

#2: Lacrosse

Lacrosse has announced the national game of Canada in the year 1859 and select summer sport in 1994. It is played by thousands of Canadian people also viewed by lots of fans. The famous sports Lacrosse is the 2nd national sport of Canada. Canadians love to play lacrosse in the summer season, therefore this sports known as summer sport of Canada. Lacrosse is governed by “Canada Lacrosse Association”. In the final of 2006, Canadian lacrosse team beat US 15-10, breaking US winning streak of 28 years.

#3: Rugby

Rugby is another most popular sport in Canada with lots of fans and viewers. It was first time introduced to Canada in 1823 by the Royal Navy. Later it is totally disappeared from the country of Canada. Then, it was reintroduced by the formation of the national team and Now days known as special in Most popular sports in Canada. Nowadays Rugby played in different countries and different cities but mostly played in Canada.

#4: Soccer

Soccer has been the most popular sport in Canada since the year 1876. the famous game soccer first time introduced in Canada in 1876 and currently this sports in the list of common sports. 2.7 Million people join to watch this game in 2006. Soccer is also the common sport in Canada. “Canada Soccer Association” is governing the soccer in Canada. There are both men and women teams for senior as well as the junior side which take part in international tournaments. “Canadian Championship” is the competition in Canada where their professional teams contest.

#5: Basketball

Basketball is the most famous sport in Canada and has fans from all over the world. According to the Canadian official Youth Sports Report, around 354,000 youth played basketball in the year 2014. It was the first greatest success of Basketball in Canada. Basketball is invented in 1891 by a Canadian “James Naismith” By 1900, it was being played by both men and women in Canada. Nowadays this game played in all countries but the game is popular from Canada.

#6: Baseball

Baseball is popular in European countries, especially played in Canada. The first major league team of Canada was “Montreal Expos” But, currently “Toronto Blue Jays” is the Canadian baseball major league team. “Bill Phillips” was the first Canadian man who appeared in the major league. He played for “Cleveland”.

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