Bayern Munich 4 – [3] Manchester United Casemiro 2nd Goal

Bayern Munich 4 – [3] Manchester United Casemiro 2nd Goal

“We know that probably doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes these kinds of games aren’t about teams that are in better shape, in better spirits and better performing.

I think both will be really difficult games against great teams and we need to focus on Manchester City right now and that’s the first thing. It’s a great derby for us because we lost a lot against them and we have to do something different, also because we’re playing at home.

Bayern Munich 4 – [3] Manchester United Casemiro 2nd Goal


That’s where we’ll have our fansAnd they will spur us on as they have during these difficult times over the past few years. I expect Old Trafford will be like the big games, the other games and I think the turning point for this team was the game against Liverpool.

Bayern Munich 4 – [3] Manchester United Casemiro 2nd Goal

I think the fans will be like this again and even better. They will give us a big boost.” You mention the game against Liverpool, that was Erik’s first win as a manager and now he has 20 wins, the fastest manager in our history who has reached .Scenario.

Is everyone really happy with the culture and environment you are creating here? “After those two games [Brighton and Brantford] everyone talked about it for a long time, for us it’s still on our minds because we shouldn’t have started the season like that.

Of course we deserved the teams to beat us back then but we should and could have done better in those two games and if anything the team’s reaction from now to then was to keep going.

We didn’t reach Nothing yet and we know there’s still a long way to go and we’re going in the right direction, so we need to go in that direction and take direction from the manager and keep the spirit up, the good times, the good performances.

and good spirit in the group. Giving the best, the best for ourselves, for our teammates and our team, our coach, our staff and most importantly for our club and our fans.

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