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Biggest Stadium in Canada: Canada is a nation of lively and energetic people. We can say that Canada is the center of sports and Sports Stadiums. This country is full of sports lovers and boasts an excellent sports infrastructure. Lots of major sports matches and events are playing in this stadiums.  Canada has some great stadiums. And today we are going to take a look at some of the best stadiums in Canada.

The major stadiums in Canada include TD Place Stadium, Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, Rogers Center, Olympic Stadium, and Commonwealth Stadium. if you are looking for best Canada stadiums have a capacity of more than 20,000 then these will be convenient to take a look at these biggest stadiums in Canada.

Biggest Stadium in Canada

  • TD Place Stadium

This stadium is located in Ottawa and it has a total seating capacity of 24,000. It is the home stadium of Ottawa Rednecks and it is one of the best CFL stadiums.

  • Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

The Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field is situated in Regina. It has a total seating capacity of 33,427 and it was opened in 1936. The stadium has FieldTurf. It is the Home Stadium of Saskatchewan Roughriders.

  • Rogers Center

Located in Toronto, this beautiful stadium has the seating capacity of 53,320. Roger Center is a new stadium and it was opened in 1989. This stadium has AstroTurf field.

  • Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium is one of the best and multi-purpose stadium in Canada that located at Olympic Park. Different sports played here in this stadium. The Stadium capacity is 66,308 and height 541. This Stadium was open on July 17, 1976. Currently, Olympic Stadium is in the list of Biggest Stadium in Canada. We can say that Olympic stadium is one of the open and biggest stadium of Canada.

  • Commonwealth Stadium

 Kroger Field, Commonwealth Stadium is a well-known stadium in Canada located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Stadiums Capacity is 67,606.  This stadium is one of the best and greatest stadia of Canada.

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