BodEBall – The Ball of the Future

With the rise of a new day, we see so many technological advancements, we see so many typical and traditional things in life evolving and becoming better. Advancement is something that we see every day. Similarly, the games are advancing as well, new skill advancement techniques are emerging day by day. BodEball is an advanced ball that can be used for playing racquetball, handball and so many other games; it is unique because it reacts when it is hit. The reaction that it shows is in the form of a colored light. The players can find out how well they are playing, which shots are their good ones and which shots they didn’t play well.

Since it has a size which is versatile, any game can be played with it. The ball is designed to keep you fit and active as well. it is a perfect combination of science and sport which keeps you entertained yet healthy.

BodEBall is amazing for all the people who want to relieve stress, improve their game, work out, cosplay, have a friendly competition and so many others. Since this ball is very unique, it will keep quite a few people occupied and active for a while. You can even have a fun family time or a day out with friends.

BodEBall shows different colors in different scenarios. Each color is specific one scenario. BodEBall turns neon blue when it bounces once. It turns neon green for half of a second, on a soft hit while it turns neon red when hit hard. There are soft hits and then there are hard hits but the extremely hard hits make the BodEBall turn white for a second.

Key Features:

  1. Water resistance: Even if it is exposed in water, it works perfectly fine.
  2. Prevents skin reactions: A variety of materials have the ability to cause skin reactions and allergies. However, this ball makes sure that there are no skin reactions.
  3. Portable size: The size of this ball is portable yet versatile. It can be used for a variety of games.
  4. Plays day and night: You can play with this ball even in the day or night.
  5. Different color indicators: The ball lights up in different colors which indicate specific kind of hits.

Some people might think that this ball is only manufactured for athletes but that is not true. Any person can play with it no matter what age group they belong to. Kids play with this ball; members of families play with it on beaches and so many other people. The athletes also love this ball because it helps them determine the kind of hit, they played.

Benefits of BodEBall are as follow:

  1. Affordable: This ball is not very expensive so everyone can afford it.
  2. Play anywhere you like: It is not restricted to courts or playing areas, you can play with it anywhere you like.
  3. Versatile size: Since it has a versatile size, plenty of games can be played with it.
  4. Maintains physical health: This ball is not only made for entertainment; it maintains the health and activeness of the users as well.
  5. Quality materials: This advanced ball is manufactured with high-quality materials which makes it pretty strong.
  6. Easy to play: The ball is very easy to pick and very easy to play.

If you are someone who feels that you are lacking some skills in playing sports then this ball is the ideal one for you because you can keep a score chart and see which shots are good and which ones are not. The skill improvement is evident through this ball. If you practice with this ball, you will for sure see a visible difference in your performance.

BodEBall needs donations so that they can be manufactured on a wider scale. Thousands of dollars are required for the mass manufacturing of its product, so your donations will really help a lot in bringing this product to life and making it available to a huge population.

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