Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman

How to Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman? (The Most Effective Tips)

There are many professional women golfers that have hit the golf ball as long as 270 yards. Achieving this distance with drivers is not an impossible task for women. But it can become impossible when the technique is not right. And the most part of this technique involves the way you swing. So how to swing a golf driver for a woman?

Driving the golf ball long and maintaining your power comes from the hips and legs for some women. Women and men golfers might not have the same upper body strength. But women can always make up for that with excellent form and timing.

Women don’t necessarily have to be as big as men. Or swing as super-fast as them for getting a favorable outcome from their drivers. All they have to do is follow these women-specific golf swing instructions below.

Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman

Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman: How to Get the Job Done!

Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman

You begin by setting up on that tee with the legs shoulder-width apart from one another. The golf ball is now positioned right inside the forward heel.

It’s now time to let the shoulders turn naturally while your golf club goes back. Keep the left arm comparatively straight. Continue turning as naturally as possible until the back is facing the target. And until you have extended the hands up and around the body.

In this particular position, feel that your body contains stored-up energy by coiling. This way you can create a pretty powerful blow using your legs and hips.

When you’re at the peak of your backswing, hinge the wrists naturally. When you hinge your wrists, it brings more driver power into the picture. Make sure you keep those wrists cocked for the longest time through your downswing. Unhinge them once the clubface of your driver strikes the golf ball.

When you maintain the wrist hinge for longer, what you’re actually doing is paving the way for the ball to travel farther once you strike it squarely.

Keep your lower body stable during the swing. Meaning no swaying of the hips. Uncoiling from the peak of your backswing leads to the arms naturally creating velocity and speed. And the outcome of this is good distance right when you hit the golf ball.

On the completion of the downswing and follow-through, rotate the hips naturally. Allow your hips and legs to do the pulling through action. Thus, taking you from that forward swing motion to a well-balanced finish.

So now you finally understand how to swing a golf driver for a woman.

Top 5 Tips for a Woman Golfer

Swing a Golf Driver for a Woman

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For improving your golf game faster. And for eliminating the most common problems. Here are the top 5 golf swing commandments for women golfers.

#1 Bend at your hips

Instead of bending at your knees, tilt your body at your hips. This is rule #1 with regards to golf swing for ladies’ beginners. Otherwise, you end up ruining both posture and power. With the hip bending, you create an excellent athletic stance. For creating space for your swing and promoting balance.

#2 Correct your grip

An unsound grip means your swing begins incorrectly. So it’s bound to fail.

Let your arms and hands hang naturally. Then place your club in the left hand, keeping its clubface square to the line of target. Don’t hold your golf club inside the palm region of your hand. It’s supposed to lie in your fingers.

As for the right hand, wrap it around your golf club. Place the pad on top of the left thumb. Now make sure you point the 2 Vs between your thumb and index finger slightly inside the right shoulder.

#3 Create space for power

No matter what, you have to make room for the body to be able to torque properly. It allows you to unwind through that golf ball with complete authority.

When using golf driver for women, make sure your stance is wide enough. And that the golf ball is placed slightly forward. Around 60% to 65% of your body weight should rest on the rear foot. At this point, also keep your upper torso and head tilted back slightly.

Now hold your driver and make space between the end of the golf club and your body.

#4 Swing through the golf ball

Keep your swing fluid and relaxed. Don’t focus a lot on striking the ball. Consider it as a practice swing to take the pressure off. This approach allows you to hit through the golf ball in a relaxed manner. Once you make that mental shift, you’ll see how the ball jumps off the golf club with accuracy and velocity.

#5 Hammer it

Tension buildup is what creates a powerful swing. Tension buildup when your upper body is coiling over your lower body is the power you require to hammer it. Tension buildup even during the release through your elbows and wrists is necessary here.

It’s as if you’re raising and lowering a hammer by making the most of the wrist hinge leverage. Similarly, elbows and wrist uncoil releases the stored-up power in the backswing. And that, in turn, gets your golf ball farther. Along with also providing more accuracy.


Golf is not just a sport for fun. It boosts mental focus, increases energy, and improves health. The fun part is being able to enjoy it with friends, family, and loved ones. But you can truly enjoy it if you know how to swing your driver.

Swing a golf driver for a woman – it’s this particular topic that I have discussed in the article. Along with some very important tips to correct your golf swing.

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