inside the $72M private jet that sᴜрегstar Ronaldo bought his family to Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Riyadh on January 3rd to claim the title of the highest paid soccer player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo quickly found a new club after parting ways with Manchester United and ending the final World Cup of his career despite failing to achieve a top European result.

Insidе sᴜpег-lᴜxᴜry pгivɑtе jеt brings Cristiano Ronaldo and his Family to the Middle East

Ronaldo chose Al Nassr, the oldest football team in Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo flew to Riyadh on a private plane to sign a contract with a new team with his family. The only thing Ronaldo shared on
Instagram was a video message for his followers, but in the pictures taken by Georgina Rodríguez, the interior of the plane can be seen more clearly .

Instead, the club appear to have chartered a plane to transport the Portuguese. The inside of the plane seems very spacious and it even has a private room with a king size bed.

Just weeks after leaving Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined nine-time Saudi Arabian champions Al Nassr. Cristiano Ronaldo, a self-proclaimed ‘one of a kind player’, received a grand welcome at his new club in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. that his
career wasn’t over yet.

At Msool Park stadium in Al Nassr, the 37-year-old Portuguese superstar explained that he has reached the peak of his potential in Europe and is excited for a new challenge.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner and five-time Champions League winner signed shortly after his controversial departure from Manchester United for an estimated €200m until June 2025.


“My career doesn’t end with my move to Saudi Arabia. This is why I get upset and to be perfectly honest I don’t give a shit what people think.

“My work in Europe has ended… I have received numerous offers from countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Brazil, Europe and the United States
. Several clubs have courted me, but this is the one I chose.”

The 25,000-seat stadium erupted as Ronaldo, wearing the yellow and blue Al Nassr jersey, strode onto the field and waved to spectators while firecrackers and floodlights flashed.

Robe worn by most Saudi women. I’m a special player. Previously, Ronaldo said: “It’s good to be here. I set all the records there (in Europe) and I want to do the same here.

He explained: “I come here to win, play, have fun and contribute to the nation’s wealth and culture. Just a few weeks after leaving Manchester United and team and coach Erik ten Hag in one TV interview had disparaged Ronaldo signed with nine-time Saudi champions “Sportswashing”

The Portuguese striker, who led United, Real Madrid and Juventus to their league season, represents a significant drop in quality against Al Nassr, the nine-time Saudi league champions of.
. Saudi -Arabia is an oil-rich monarchy often accused of “sports laundering” or using sport to distract from human rights controversies.

Ronaldo arrives in neighboring Qatar just weeks after the end of the World Cup as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece consider a joint Asia-Africa-Europe bid to host football’s biggest event.

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