Messi The Art Of Passing

Messi The Art Of Passing

When Cristiano Ronaldo was a kid, In the School, he once hit a teacher with a chair because she made fun of the Ronaldo Madeiran accent.
Cristiano Ronaldo attends one-time heart operation laser surgery. when Ronaldo was just 15 years old he found a heart problem that threatened his life and football career. However, he went through the latest laser surgery successfully cured his problem.

Ronaldo was the first famous player who all four main PFA and FWA awards in the year of 2007.Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the world’s highest-paid, the famous and best footballer was rumored to marry his girlfriend Irina Shayk. The Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo is the Only player who more than President Barack Obama.

A rumor hit the internet about Cristiano Ronaldo a well-known name among the top football players in the world. Cristiano was dating Irina shaky for the last 5 years and rumors were spread that Cristiano married her. But the reality has a different face.

Irina was not sharing a good bond with Cristiano’s mother due to different trivial issues, hence Irina refused to attend her 60th surprise birthday. Ronald shares a great rapport with his mom as he lost his dad when we were young and hue mother has been there for Cristiano alone and only support of Cristiano.

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