Messi’s luxury super jet, there is only one in the world, but many agencies are not satisfied ✈️

Messi bought a private jet from 2018. In addition to the luxurious interior, the aircraft also has the number 10 printed on the tail, the jersey number of M10.

Messi’s plane belongs to the Embraer Legacy 650 series with a total value of almost $15 million. This plane was specially designed for Messi and his family by an Argentine company.


The tail of the plane, printed with the number 10, is Messi’s shirt for Barça and Argentina national team.A special feature is the number 10 on the tail of the aircraft. The aircraft is 29 m long, 8 m high and has a wingspan of 28 m.

The Argentine company also designed a special staircase for Messi with the family’s names on it. members. The first step up is Leo, Messi’s nickname. Below are the names of his wife, Antonela, and their three children, Thiago, Ciro and Mateo.

The Barça Argentina forward revealed that he and his wife are planning to have another daughter. Dubbed a “mini hotel in the sky,” the aircraft features three cabins including a kitchen, two bathrooms, furniture and seating for 16 people.

According to Sport Bible statistics in October, Messi completed 52 private jet flights in 3 months. This soccer star has been criticized for using too many airplanes and generating around 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide, which has a negative impact on the environment just that.

Pic Shows: Details of the luxury plane; SPAIN: Lionel Messi recently acquired this stunning personal jet complete with his family members’ names and the Argentina star will lease the aircraft out for other users.

These top athletes are very busy and have numerous commitments to fulfill in relation to their contract and their football club.

There is a lot of travel between signing the contract, going to the market, the player transfer time and visiting the doctor abroad. These athletes need to be mobile and have a flexible mode of transportation that allows them to get there as quickly as possible.

The private jet is a great way for football players like Messi to travel around the world and to different clubs or stadiums for sporting events. However, in addition to the professional aspect of the sport, there is also the private life of the players.

They often have contracts with big brands and have to meet the requirements of those brands as well. The flexibility and mobility offered by the private jet is perfect because Lionel Messi can travel whenever he wants, in airports that are sometimes inaccessible.

Traveling by private jet allows you to reach 10 times more airports than commercial airlines. Leo Messi is getting closer to his goal and his professional (or private) aspirations.

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