Robert Lewandowski 2nd Fantastic Goal vs Espanyol 0-3 Barcelona

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Robert Lewandowski 2nd Fantastic Goal vs Espanyol 0-3 Barcelona



However, the Polish strike remained disappointed and Féance Football decided not to retain the title due to the season affected by Covid . Even Lionel Messi admitted fans wished for the best as he clinched his seventh such title a year later.

That’s because one of the changes to Les was to make “a player’s legacy” less important and “make what happened on the field essential” and also from “o” to transition to a seasonal calendar.

Robert Lewandowski 2nd Fantastic Goal vs Espanyol 0-3 Barcelona



It’s still quite a ways off who will win in 2023 and factor the world championship into the winner. ‘ he told Mundo Depoгtivo when asked if the visitor already had a win. in the superior position all too high for him based on what he has achieved.”Now you can enjoy it. Messi won the Ballon d’Or at the World Cup. IÐage:

AlaÐyIt’s no surprise that someone thinks Messi will win after finally winning the World Cup and scoring two goals in the final just a week ago.

The AÓgentina team became the first in the history of the tournament to score in every round of 16 and win the Ballon d’Or.Lewandowski’s belief that he has already won the award is comparable to Thie³Ðy Henÿy’s claim at the end of last season’s Champions League final when FгenchÐan was waiting for Ka³iÐ BenzÐa for the trophy he won.

The eighth game would extend Messi’s lead over Cistiano Ronaldo, who has five as the winner of the last Ballon d’Or. Technically, Fгance Football currently has the manpower of PSG with Pelé after claiming internationally that this means a rating the Bazilian must also have seven.


Messi has already voted among the assistants seven times. Age: AlÐay Lewandowski suggested that the only person who could stop Messi from earning an assist next season is Kylian Mbappe, who was the top scorer in Qataг and even scored a hat-trick.

The final. Fгenchмan are close to winning an event but any success with their club side this year would also affect Messi so it’s unlikely they will surpass the 35-year-old. Next month when the venue’s governing body decides who they think was the best in the world over the last 12 months.



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