The Day Lionel Messi Showed Kevin De Bruyne and Sterling Who Is The Boss

Messi follows a constant and extremely serious training routine, similar to that of Neymar and Ronaldo, although Messi’s training schedule is not as strict. Lionel Messi is one of the best football players in the world thanks to his natural talent.

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The Day Lionel Messi Showed Kevin De Bruyne and Sterling Who Is The Boss

He was born with the intense athletic training he undergoes on a regular basis. The Argentinian tall has incredible speed, ball control and attacking ability and has won a plethora of championships and awards over his the career.


Messi has faced many physical adversities throughout his career to get to where he is now. Lionel Messi seems unimpressed by the competition and continues to consolidate his position.

And an important component of Messi’s success can be attributed to the rigorous regime he follows in both his training and diet.

What kind of food does Lionel Messi eat? The Argentine forward recognizes that in order to become one of the best athletes in the world, you have to make certain dietary concessions and he is doing so. On the other hand, he does not always strictly adhere to his diet. Even when he was younger, occasionally indulged in unhealthy foods and drinks, including pizza, soda, and fast food.

Milanesa, an Argentinian dish consisting of thinly breaded and then fried beef steaks, is his absolute favorite food.

The tall forward has had to moderate his food intake as he shows signs of aging. Messi has been working with Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser since 2014 when he started to lead a healthy lifestyle. In light of this, Giuliano Poser, Messi’s nutritionist, has developed a diet for him that focuses on consuming of the five main foods:

water, olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. Generally speaking, these are the types of foods that promote muscle recovery and form the basis of the superstar striker’s daily diet. In addition, Poser emphasizes the importance of consuming as little sugar and processed flour as possible.

Messi also avoids eating excessive amounts of meat during training because, as Poser said, “the amount of meat that Argentines and Uruguayans usually eat is too much because it’s difficult to digest. Messi consumes up to three glasses of protein a day. plus plenty of water to compensate for the low protein content in his .

Diet Messi’s diet consists mainly of consuming nutritious foods and appropriate types of carbohydrates, while reducing his meat consumption and increasing his protein consumption. The Argentine prefers the caffeinated South American drink yerba mate compared to carbonated drinks.Yerba Mate tea comes from South America.

How does Messi train?

Even though Messi doesn’t have a particularly tall physique, he still has to stick to certain consistent training routines while someone is training him. The Argentinian athlete’s routines mainly focus on making sure his body stays in peak condition, strengthening his pre-game flexibility on a daily basis and increasing his linear speed.

It mainly focuses on these three aspects: speed, power and stretch. Messi’s training consists of numerous separate phases, each of which includes a variety of different workouts with the aim of increasing his speed.For basic movements, jump, flex, and stretch the hamstrings in addition to performing the ball before the support exercise.


She also jumps hurdles and does squats to build up her core and leg muscles. As the final part of his training, Messi would often complete a series of acceleration drills. Messi takes part in sports like obstacle courses to improve his agility and flexibility.

After each workout, he makes sure to drink plenty of water to make sure his body stays hydrated, then jogs for five to 10 minutes to cool off.Messi is able to deliver explosive power, speed, consistent stability and undeniable agility because of this omnidirectional style.

Of course, this is also due to the natural talent that he possesses. All in all, it’s clear that we have excellent ball control. As a result, it’s not difficult to understand why the Argentine forward is figuratively a step ahead of the competition.

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