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What To Look Before Buying Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

If your feet are flat and you are looking for a shoe that suits your foot, it can be difficult to find such shoes. And it can make your shopping even more annoying when you are buying shoes for sports such as basketball.

We know that having flat feet is normal and we have no choice but to buy shoes that support you when you play. But before all of this, it’s important to know what is the flatfeet.

What are Flat Feet?

You may have noticed that there is naturally an arch at the feet that supports walking and running, but some people do not naturally have this arch, due to many reasons. Some people have naturally flat feet, other reasons include torn and stretched tendons, dislocated or broken bones, nerve issues, and obesity.

Flat feet are sometimes very stressful and especially when you are participating in a physical activity like running, jogging, playing tennis and basketball.

So make sure to buy appropriate shoes whenever you engage in such physical activity so that your fallen arches don’t become worse.

Basketball players want comfortable shoes that can support them while running, jumping on the court and help them to immediately change their directions. Good basketball shoes for flat feet have comfortable soles that don’t hurt the feet. In short durability and comfort are features that you should look when buying basketball shoes.

Playing basketball requires a lot of ankle support. This is why shoes that support ankle help keep the feet stable. Some other essential features could help those with flat feet. Basketball shoes for flat feet should always be soft and durable, and the soles should be flat so that the sole can take the proper shape of your foot. Such soles will keep the bottom of your feet comfortable so that you can enjoy the game without any pain. Such insoles provide an opportunity for the player to use their full potential.

More Options

If you are looking for more options, I have some alternatives for you as well, which is a great option for people with flat feet. Yeah, I’m talking about high-quality orthotic insoles. This is an option after which you don’t need any specific shoes. You can try Superfeet Green Insoles, Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles, and Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles for flat feet.


Flat feet can be a hindrance if you want to succeed in basketball. The best basketball shoes will keep you comfortable on the basketball court. Basketball shoes whose soles are durable, flat, and soft can be helpful for people who have flat feet. So far there are only a few basketball shoes that can meet this standard.

The third generation of Stephen Curry’s Under Armor is one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet. The Curry 3 shoes provide excellent stability. Likewise, the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 sneakers also have many features that meet the needs of people with flat feet.

You can consider basketball shoes such as Air Jordans and Nike Air Force One. If you are looking for basketball shoes that should be stylish also.

Flat feet can be a problem if you can’t find any good shoes. At least stick to shoes that have comfortable soles and are capable of absorbing impacts and most importantly it should be in your price range.

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