2023 NCAAF: Who Are the Favorites to Win This Season?

The new season of the NCAA Football has celebrated the kick start of the 154th season last August 26. During these early weeks of the season, fans have already expressed their predictions and favorites for the top team that can win this December. Although it might be too early to start speaking about current performances, it’s better than never. 

Additionally, many things have changed during the preparation for the past season. After losing star players to the NFL, many teams struggled to find a replacement, but others took the opportunity to reassemble the roster. If you want to learn more and know the current favorites, here’s a brief list you can look into.

Georgia Bulldogs

After winning the last season of NCAA Football, Georgia Bulldogs is at the top of this list for having one of the best NCAAF live odds even in the upcoming season. If Georgia ever wins the 2023 season as well, it will be the team’s back-to-back-to-back, three-peat win! 

It’s going to be another feat marked in the history of the NCAA, as there hasn’t been any team that has won three straight college football championships. However, it seems it isn’t easy for the team after losing many star players to the NFL. 

Georgia Bulldogs’ defense was to be noted in 2021 as having one of the greatest, but there was a noticeable decline in 2022. It’s now a center of debate if getting the three-peat will be possible.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes are on this list despite losing two straight games against their current rival, the Michigan Wolverines. Coach Ryan Day has a lot on his plate to compensate for the losses and attempt to return to the Big Ten championship game. If things go well for the Buckeyes, they might even receive their first national championship since their last in 2014’s College Football Playoff. 

Additionally, ESPN predicted that the Ohio State Buckeyes have better chances of winning the league and bringing home a win in a national championship. As long as the players of the Ohio State Buckeyes continue to stay in good health, the odds might shift in their favor, especially with their current schedule that seems to work on their odds.

Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide had a rough season last year and the year after that. It’s a sad sight to witness after missing out on the playoff after being one of the teams that dominated the sport. After two close losses, coach Nick Saban is searching for suitable replacements for now NFL players Bryce Young and Will Anderson. 

Saban will also have to find new coordinators and figure out how to improve the team that struggled the past season. It’s not been easy for the coach, and many significant decisions will be made, but the Crimson Tide’s still one of the favorites to win this year. The team is returning for the 2023 season with a better system to return to the top. 

Additionally, experts suggested that at least three games are considered certain wins for the Crimson Tide. If Nick Saban successfully patches up Alabama, they can be one of the strongest teams for the season.

Michigan Wolverine

As Ohio State Buckeyes’ top rival, Michigan Wolverine is a formidable wall to cross, even for this 2023 NCAAF season. This two-time defending Big Ten champion is the home of the star running backs Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum, and the very dynamic QB J.J. McCarthy is ready to face the new season as one of the best offensive line units nationwide. 

However, discussing Wolverine’s defense is another topic. With their veteran defense, the team is still on edge, and until they reassess and figure out that stable pass rush with linebacker David Ojabo and defensive end Aidan Hutchison, this team can quickly become unstoppable.

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers are also one of the teams that many fans are looking out for. These SEC West Champions are returning to the 2023 season with a promising and solid roster from last season. If their offensive line isn’t thrilling enough, the Tiger’s quarterback and leading rusher, Jayden Daniels, is returning with edge rusher Masson Smith and linebacker Harold Perkins. If this roster doesn’t fuel the odds in their favor, you better watch out for what’s coming. 

After debuting by leading the LSU Tigers to a win over favorite Alabama Crimson Tide and an SEC West championship, Coach Brian Kelly has surprised many fans and analysts. In his second year with the Tigers, Kelly will face a few challenges considering a relatively tough schedule this season, but as best as they are, the LSU Tigers could surprise everyone.

Final Thoughts

NCAAF is one of the most thrilling college sports you should never miss out on in 2023. Many teams and coaches are trying to figure out how to improve their lacking performance last season, and it’s been a sight to witness their improvements. This list should give you an idea of what teams have successfully turned their plans into a success this season.

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