Most Watched Olympic Sports

Olympic is the best event in all sports yearly events. There are many Famous Sports which Participate in the Olympic event. All Sports Lovers, keep in mind that this is very important to know about these Sports. All Sports are not Olympic Sports and in Olympics, all Sports are not Most Watched. If you have no idea about these then you are in the right place. Today you will check here names of the Most watched Olympic Sports.

Most Watched Olympic Sports

At the first position in the Most watched Olympic Sports, we have Gymnastics. Gymnastics is the first famous and most played and interesting sport in all Olympic Sports which watched in all the world.

#10. Rugby

is a popular sport around the world, played by all ages male and female players. Rugby is the major Olympic sport watched in the world in different countries. Millions of Viewers watch rugby from all around the world. The biggest event of Rugby is the Rugby world cup, that event is held every 4 years. Equipment of the Rugby is Union Football and Scrum Cap. There are 3,560,000 Registered players in this sport. Team members of the Rugby in each team 15. This sport First played in the 19th century and currently, total Clubs are 180,630 in Rugby. In the list of Most Watched Olympic Sports Rugby on 10th Position.

#9. Olympic weightlifting

Weightlifting or Olympic-style weightlifting is the sport in which an athlete Use Barbells, weight plates and show his power. This is the best but difficult sport and only powerful athletes can participate. Male and female players can join this sport. Women join Weightlifting in 1997. This sport first developed in Ancient Greece, Egypt, China.

#8. Tennis

Many sports are most watched and paying high but tennis is best in all. Tennis is on 8th position in Most Watched Olympic Sports. Male and Female Players played this sport.  Tennis played the First time In the year 1873 and currently 8th most watch sport.

#7. Soccer/Association Football

Football/Soccer is the 7th Most watched sport in all Olympic Sports. Soccer is also the first richest sport in the world. In the list of Highest paying sports in the world soccer on position 6th.

#6. Basketball

Basketball is the 4th highest paying and 6th Most Watched Olympic Sport. People from different countries watching basketball just for enjoyment. Basketball is a team sport and every team has 5 players per side. Olympic sport Basketball First played on December 21, 1891, in the U.S

#5. Volleyball (Beach and field)

Volleyball is the most interesting sport among the top Olympic Sports. The famous sports Volleyball consists of two teams and each team has six players. Each team tried in Volleyball tries to make the highest score points. This is the 5th Sport in the list of Most Watched Olympic Sports.

#4. Water Sports

Diving, Rafting, and many other sports called water sports. Note that Swimming different than all these sports and we can not say that swimming is in this category. Different Types of Water Sports are Surfing, Sailing., Swimming, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing, and Wake Boarding. Swimming is just one category of Water Sports. Water Sports having 4rth position Most Watched Olympic Sports.

#3. Track and field

At number 3, we have track and field. Track and field is the part of Olympic and very famous. People actually like track and field games and watch it for pure entertainment. This Sport full of athletic who has skills of running, jumping, and throwing.

#2. Swimming

At number 2 We have swimming in the list of Most Watched Olympic Sports. Swimming is the individual or team racing Olympic sport First competitions played in the 1930s. This sport won World Championship in the year 1973. male and female athletics can participate in this sport.

#1. Gymnastics

In the list of Most Watched Olympic Sports Gymnastics on First Position. This is the First Olympic Sports which Watched in all Countries and all ages people are watching this game. Gymnastics is the first sport that includes exercises requiring balance, flexibility, Slim Bodies, agility, strength, coordination, and endurance. Male and Female athletics can participate in this game.

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