Top 10 Most Played Sports in the World

There are many famous and most played sports which played and watch all over the world. Every sport popular in their own area but played all over the world. If You are Sports Lovers and want to know about the Top 10 Most Played Sport in the World you are on the right website. Know here about Top 10 Most Played Sports in the World. Here are the latest top-10 trending most watch and played sports in the World.

Most Played Sports in the World

Check Below Top 10 Most Played Sports in the World. In the List of Top 10 Most played sports Football, Cricket, Field Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby Football, and Golf on Top.

1. Association Football (Soccer): 4 Billion Fans

What is the Most Played Sport in the World
Association Football first Most Played Sports having 4 Billion Fans

Soccer (AF) Association Football is the World First famous and Most Played Sport in the World. Fans and Viewers of the Association Football from all around the World and any Country have their own National Team for This Sport. Currently, Association Football (Soccer) has around 4 Billion Viewers from all Countries. Association football commonly known as Soccer or Football is played between two teams. Each Team has 11 players in which one is a Goalkeeper. The famous game Association Football is played by a total of 250 M players in over 200 countries, by which it becomes the World Most Played Sport.

2. Cricket: 2.5 Billion Fans

What is the Most Played Sport in the World
2nd Most Played Sports Cricket having 2.5 Billion Fans
Cricket is the second Most played Sports in the World with 2.5 Billion viewers and fans from all around the World. What is the Most Played Sport in the World?. We can say that after Soccer the 2nd popular sport in the world is Cricket which earns a very high amount per year. This Sport is a team Sport which Played Between Two Teams and Each team has 11 Players. Pakistan is the Country in Which Cricket is the major Sport and Mostly Pakistanis played this game. There are many Biggest and Official Grounds in Pakistan but Lots of Small Grounds also available. This Game is the Common Game which Played in Universities, Colleges, and Schools. Cricket is also played in Australia, England, India, the West Indies islands, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, and Afghanistan.

3. Field Hockey: 2 Billion Fans

What is the Most Played Sport in the World
Field Hockey the 3rd Most Played Sports having 2 Billion Fans
The World 3rd Most Played Sports Field Hockey having around 2 Billion fans following from the World Different Cities. Mostly Field Hockey watched in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and also in other English countries. Each Team members of Field Hockey are consists of 11 field players. International Hockey Federation is the highest governing body that Supports this Sport from Years. Field Hockey has 2 Billion fans from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Country of Australia by which this becomes the Most Played Sport in the World.

4. Tennis: 1 Billion Fans

Most Played Sport Tennis
Tennis the 4rth Most played Sports having 1 Billion Fans
The World 4rth Most Played game is Tennis which having 1 Billion fans from all over the World. Viewers of Tennis are SO High which is the actual reason behind the Succes of this Sport. Australia is the First Country where 100 Percent of people Like to Play Tennis. France and New Zealand are also the countries where 70 of peoples played this sport. The game also famous in Switzerland and 69 Percent of people Like to play it. If we check Tennis Countries by weeks spent so Germany is on the First Position with 423, Serbia is with 366, Sweden is with 201, Spain 193, Belgium 137., Australia: 91. and Denmark is with 71.

5. Volleyball: 900 Million Fans

Most Played Sport Volleyball
The 5th Most played Sports Volleyball having 900 Million Fans
Volleyball is the 5th Most like sport and Most Played Game in different Countries. This game has 900 Million Fans from all over the world by which it becomes in the list of sports which played mostly in different countries. The Sport played between two teams and each team has 6 members. Since 1964 It has been part of the official program Summer Olympic Games and Regularly played in any Season. There are different types in this game like Beach volleyball, Shooting volleyball, Footbag net, Newcomb ball, Sepak Takraw, Footvolley, Sitting volleyball and Traditional Volleyball which people playing Regularly.

6. Table Tennis: 875 Million Fans

Most Played Sport Table Tennis
The 6th Most played Sports Table Tennis having 875 Million Fans
Table Tennis is the 6th famous, Most Played Game in the World. This game has 875 Million Fans from all over the world. if someone asks you What is the Most Played Sport in the World, then you can tell some names like Table Tennis.

7. Basketball: 825 Million Fans

Most Played Sport Basketball
The 7th Most played sports Basketball having 825 Million Fans
Basketball Most Played game having an estimated 825 million followers worldwide. The Game was invented first time by Dr. James Naismith in the year 1891 in country United States, Massachusetts. Dr. James created it after watching football and locally people start to play this game. Currently, Basketball is the most like and Richest game in the world after many years of Struggle Dr. James.

8. Baseball: 500 Million Fans

Most Played Sport Baseball
The 8th most played Sports Baseball having 500 Million Fans
Baseball is the most played sport with the highest fans around 500 million from all around the World. This is another sport which has viewers from all over the World and plying in different countries regularly. The game Baseball popular in Some Countries like the United States, the Caribbean, and the country of Japan and people of these countries mostly playing it.

9. Rugby Football.  475 Million Fans

Rugby Football Most Played Sports
On 9th position, Rugby Football is most played sports having 475 Million Fans
Rugby is the world most engaged and Most played sport with 475 Million Fans from all around the World. Game Rugby is a popular and major sport in some of the famous countries like the United Kingdom (England, Ireland and Scotland). This sport is played between the two teams of 15 players each team, who carry, pass or kick a ball across the line end to score points.

10. Golf 450 Million Fans

Golf Most Played Sport
Golf the 10th most played sports having 450 Million Fans
Well, Know game which played mostly by the Richest peoples in the World. Golf is one of the Most played Sports in the World and people earn millions from this game any year. Mostly this game played in Western European countries, East Asia, and North America but followers of these sports from all over the World.