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WWE Best Female Wrestlers

Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is real name in professional wrestling to entertain wrestling fans around the world. It established back in 1952 in name of CWC by McMahon and Toots Mondt. In 1982 the name changed WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation). The name was changed to WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in 1999, and finally its began to entertain people in name of WWE in 2002. Vince McMahon is the chairman of the company. This is a USA professional wrestling network. It have a lot of professional male and female superstars from all over the world, who wrestles in the ring to entertain their fans around the world with their wrestling abilities in the ring, here we will write about Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers of all time who entertained the world with their in ring work in professional wrestling.

All these superstars are having a good storyline in their wrestling carriers on ring and they worked excellent as best professional wrestlers of all time. Below there is some details about Top 5 WWE Best Female wrestlers.

Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers


Alundra Blayze is an Italian American former professional wrestler, she is well known with her ring name Madusa. On 28th March 2015 she was inducted to hall of fame. She was one of the best professional wrestling superstars of all time. She is at no 5th at Top 5 WWE Best Female wrestlers. We will give you below some detail about Alundra Blayze.

Real name: Debrah Anne Micelle

Ring name: Alundra Blayze or Madusa

Born: 9th February 1964

Debut: 1984

Height: 178cm

Weight: 68kgs

Retired: 2001


Chyna was an American professional wrestler, glamour model, and bodybuilder. She was billed as the ninth wonder of the world. Chyna has been called first lady of sports entertainment. She was a legend professional female wrestler of WWE.  She was the first female wrestler to participate in royal rumble and king of ring events. Chyna was victorious over several male superstars in single matches including multiple time champions. She was a lasting legacy as most dominant female competitor of all time. At no 4th position in Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers of all time. Below we have some more details about her WWE carrier.

Real name: Joan Marie Laurer

Ring name: chyna

Born: 27th December 1969 in Rochester Beach California US

Height: 178cm

Weight: 82kgs

Debut: 1995

Retired:  2011

Died: 20th April 2016 Redondo Beach California.


The Fabulous Moolah was an American professional female wrestler. In 1980s she joined world wrestling federation as part of rock ‘n’ wrestling connection storyline she feuded with Cyndi lauper and Wendi Richter. She was holding a record of longest title reign by any superstar in professional sports. She was the first WWF women champion and holds the title for four times. Fabulous moolah was a prominent trainer and promoter in women professional wrestling. 1st women who ever inducted to hall of fame and the oldest women’s champion who won WWF women’s championship in 1999 at age of 76. Fabulous Moolah is at no 3 at the list of Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers. Below is some more detail about Moolah.

Born: 22nd July 1923

Real name: Mary Lillian Ellison.

Ring name: Fabulous Moolah, The Spider Lady.

Spouse: Walter Carrol(div) Buddy Lee

Height: 168cm

Weight: 63kgs

Debut: 1949

Retired: 2004

Died: 2nd November 2007 in Columbia South Carolina, US


Lita is an American professional wrestler and singer. Recently she was signed with WWE as an analyst. Lita performed is a regular professional female wrestler from 2000 to 2006 and after that she has made part time appearance with WWE. She was inducted to hall of fame in 2014. Lita is at no 2 in the list of Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers. Below is some more details about her life and professional wrestling carrier.

Born: 14th April 1975

Real name: Amy Dumas.

Ring name: Lita

Height: 168cm

Weight:  61kgs

Debut: 1999.

Net worth: $2.5 millions


Trish stratus is a Canadian retired professional wrestler fitness master, model and actor. In her earlier carrier she was involved in sexually themed storylines such as an affair with Vince McMahon’s Mr. McMahon character. She was made WWE hardcore champion, 3 times Babe of the year, and proclaimed Diva of decade. stratus was inducted to hall of fame in 2013. stratus retired on 17 September 2006 with record winning 7th WWE women’s championships. She is at no 1st in the list of Top 5 WWE Best Female Wrestlers of all time. Here we have some details about Trish Stratus life and professional carrier.

Born: 18 December 1975 in Flemingdon Park, Ontario Canada

Real name: Patricia Anne Stratigeas

Ring name: Trish Stratus.

Spouse: Ron Fisico (2006)

Height: 160cm

Weight: 57kgs

Debut: 19th March 2000

Retired: 17th September 2006

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