Al Nassr vs Inter Miami 4-3 Highlights & All Goals 2024 Ronaldo Hattrick

In a spectacular display of skill and teamwork, Al Nassr kicked off their 2023/24 Saudi Pro League campaign with a resounding 5-0 triumph over Al Fateh.

The victory marked a significant milestone for Al Nassr as they secured their first win of the season in style.

Sadio Mane’s Early Breakthrough

The game ignited in the early minutes as Sadio Mane, driven by Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional assist, initiated Al Nassr’s offensive charge.

Mane’s precision and Ronaldo’s strategic play laid the groundwork for a dynamic start to the match.

Ronaldo Takes the Lead

As the match progressed, the Al Nassr captain seized the opportunity to shine, netting his inaugural league goal of the campaign.


The momentum gained from this achievement spurred both Mane and Ronaldo to escalate their performance, each adding another goal to their tally during the second half.

Commanding the Second Half

With a comfortable lead in place, Al Nassr displayed their dominance as they navigated through the second half.

Mane and Ronaldo, their synergy palpable, showcased their prowess by each contributing a goal, further solidifying their team’s supremacy on the field.

Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick and the Final Flourish

In the closing moments of the match, the spotlight remained fixed on Cristiano Ronaldo. The veteran striker, determined to secure a hat-trick, did not disappoint.

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Ronaldo hammered home a goal during added time, sealing the final score at an impressive 5-0 in favor of Al Nassr.

Al Fateh vs Al Nassr: Highlights and Commentary

The match witnessed a series of remarkable moments, all of which highlighted Al Nassr’s command over the game. With a final score of AL FATEH 0 – AL NASSR 5, the magnitude of Al Nassr’s triumph was evident.

Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick: A Fitting Conclusion

As the curtains drew on the match, Cristiano Ronaldo’s triumphant hat-trick served as the grand finale.

Al Nassr’s performance in the Saudi Pro League opener was nothing short of exceptional, and their dominance on the field positioned them as strong contenders in the season ahead.

In summary, Al Nassr’s 5-0 victory over Al Fateh not only secured their first win of the 2023/24 Saudi Pro League season but also showcased their potential for a remarkable campaign ahead. With a commanding performance driven by Mane and highlighted by Ronaldo’s hat-trick, Al Nassr left an indelible mark on the league’s opening match.

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