Antony vs Manchester city | Tired of the opponent’s defense 🔥

Manchester United disagree over the most expensive signing of the summer. United paid Ajax €95m up front, with €5m in potential premiums, for Antony as Erik ten Hag, looking to add a bit of samba flair to a rather one-dimensional attack.

It certainly gave you a lot to tell. He scored on his debut in a win against Arsenal, followed by goals against Manchester City and Everton but still doesn’t score enough for some.

He took Old Trafford to his 300 yards with incredible skill, but has also been dubbed the ‘Clown’ for unnecessary bragging rights.

It’s easy to see both sides of the argument regarding Antony’s first few months at United, but that doesn’t make it any easier to analyze.

For starters, there’s the quantifiable material. If he reduces his contribution through goals alone then it doesn’t look so bad – five goals in 16 appearances in all competitions. But stats can often be misleading and divert attention from the real issue at hand, and getting the ball in goal wasn’t always enough for a great performance from the .

Antony vs Manchester city | Tired of the opponent’s defense 🔥

Despite scoring early in victories against Everton and Charlton last week, the 22-year-old hasn’t been able to do much in subsequent games and has been more of a moment player than a mid-game player since his arrival.

The mere fact that Antony was in the starting XI against Charlton was indicative of his current position in a United shirt considering it was a night when most key players relaxed ahead of the upcoming Manchester Derby rested.

Due to United’s lack of offensive options, at least one of the top three strikers was in the starting XI, although the former Ajax striker still played in place of others.

Numerically, Antony’s colossal price of continues to be used against him. The player cannot be held responsible for his fee and if Ten Hag felt that reflected fair treatment then the manager has to justify it as much as the winger.

Regardless of how much it costs, there are good reasons to expect more from the Brazil international when he’s on the ball and want more influence in games as he adjusts to life in England.That brings us to the quality of his time at the club.

Not only did Antony have to make a significant step forward at United, but he also had to get used to a new form. of living in a new environment.


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