This is how Argentina Fans celebrated world cup win 2022

Half a world away, the beloved Argentina men’s team lifted their third World Cup trophy. And the nation began to march.



In a kind of euphoric procession that took place across the country, millions of Argentines flocked to the central squares and monuments of cities and towns large and small.

In Rosario, the hometown of their World Cup hero Lionel Messi, they marched to the flag memorial. And here in the capital, Buenos Aires, fans walked down broad avenues that pointed to the city’s . Effective Center:

A large plaza centered around a 235-foot tall monument known simply as the Obelisk.”It’s our pilgrimage,” said Elsa Díaz, 70, a craftswoman wrapped in an Argentine flag, who took the same walk she did in 1978 when Argentina won the World Cup for the first time, but this time with her daughter, 32.

Daughter. “Let’s all go to the obelisk. It is our monument and the center of Argentina. In a country where football is a religion, this was one of the holiest Sundays. net – beating France, ending a World Cup final at the age of and bringing the league back to this football-obsessed country for the first time since 1986 – Argentina went into a kind of ecstasy. Strangers hugged.

Friends kissed. Grown men cried. And everyone shouted, “Argentina, my love!” yelled a teary-eyed man during overtime. “Argentina, my love!” “Emotion, joy and a release,” said Federico Polo, 19, right after the win. Thousands had gathered in Centennial Park. in western Buenos Aires to watch the game on a big screen installed by the city.

Fans of Argentina cheer as the team parades on board a bus after winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 20, 2022. – Millions of ecstatic fans are expected to cheer on their heroes as Argentina’s World Cup winners led by captain Lionel Messi began their open-top bus parade of the capital Buenos Aires on Tuesday following their sensational victory over France. (Photo by Luis ROBAYO / AFP)

After the game, everyone had the same idea: go to the obelisk.But the streets were congested, the subway was closed and the city buses were parked. So they left.

“All of Argentina is on this road right now,” said Sergio Gutiérrez, 46, a pharmacist who plays drums. , who walked with his wife and three children along Corrientes Avenue, a famous thoroughfare closely linked to tango due to the numerous theaters and dance halls that line the street. “We’ll go until we can’t anymore.


The park would take 70 minutes, according to google maps, but the avenue was crowded, the pace was slow and there were many distractions along the way.

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