Bιllιonaire Cristiano Ronaldo’s mιllιons dollers home collection

Bιllιonaire Cristiano Ronaldo’s mιllιons dσllsar home collection

Legendary striker Cristiano Ronaldo always proves his “playability” through a list of supercars, a list of girlfriends or a million-dollar house collection The striker’s £4 million mansion in the beautiful city of Manchester of the striker.

Ronaldo since he was in the Manchester United squad, Ronaldo is willing to spend £ 4 million to buy a villa in Anerley Edge, Cheshire, Manchester City. Beautiful Mansion in Manchester

The $4 million mansion of handsome striker Ronaldo stands out for its harmonious structure in classic and modern style.

The main brown color of the villa’s exterior is the color commonly used in ancient British villas in the 18-19 century. The black roof system stands out, eye-catching. , Unbolt.

en Architecture combines classic and modern in Ronaldo’s $4 million mansion This villa of Cristiano Ronaldo has a large airy garden. Trees around the house create relaxation and comfort for users.

Natural space near Ronaldo’s villa in Manchester Modern villa with 5 bedrooms, complete swimming pool, sauna, cinema.

However, after leaving MU, Ronaldo sold his entire house, car and furniture in Manchester. Luxury and modern pool villa in Manchester Ronaldo’s £8 million mansion in Madrid Upon joining the Spanish royal team rҽαl Madrid, where the soccer superstar has been so far Ronaldo continues to stick,

CR7 has decided to buy a villa that is worth twice as much as the old house, for the price.£8 million, located in La Finca area, about 10km from Madrid city center. This £8 million mansion was designed and built by renowned architect Joaquin Torres.


CR7’s 8 million dollar mansion in Madrid

With a contract of up to 94 million euros and an attractive salary and bonus of 15 million euros per year, buying this luxury mansion for Cristiano Ronaldo “players” is not difficult.

The spacious space of the £8 million villa in Madrid at CR7 The villa features modern interior design. Luxurious white tables and chairs in combination with many decorative mirrors all around set accents and give the living room elegance and spaciousness.

Luxurious interior of £8 million villa Ronaldo’s 24 hour secured villa Covering almost 3000m2, famous striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s new home has 7 bedrooms (including 5 large rooms and 2 small rooms), fully equipped with all rooms.

Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s $50 Million Mansions

The bathroom of this new villa is up to 220 m² and has a mini pool and a jacuzzi. The villa is extremely secure with 3 layers of security fencing including cameras, infrared and bodyguards on duty day and night.

The exterior of the villa in particular uses many decorative lights that are illuminated at night. The lights shining up from below and shining on the small trees look sparkling and beautiful.

Villa uses lots of decorative lights Ronaldo’s â‚ ¬4. 5 million villa in Benevento uses all solar energy In his hometown in Portugal, Ronaldo also bought a villa worth 4.5 million euros in the Benevento area.

Ronaldo’s 24/24h safe villa

A‚ ¬4. 5 million villa with modern finishes In particular, this â‚ ¬4. 5 million Ronaldo villa was designed by the famous Portuguese architect Eduardo Mora.

This super villa is extremely ecological as it mainly uses solar energy as the main fuel source for all activities in the villa.

Villa is entirely solar powered £8million hotel on Ronaldo’s romantic island This rҽαl player also made fun of everyone when he bought a brand new hotel on the romantic island of Porto Santo near the city of Madeira home town . for up to £8 million.

Ronaldo’s 4.5 mιllιon euro villa in Benavente uses all solar energy

Ronaldo’s hotel in his romantic hometown villa on the hill with Ronaldo’s heliport CR7 also has a 4 million euro villa on a hill of more than 5,000m2 in northern Portugal with a total usable area of †‹â€ ‹up to 800m2.

In addition to a living room of up to 92 m2 and a large garage, this villa seems isolated in the mountains and has a large helipad.

Ronaldo loves to ride his bike through this mansion. Villa on the hill in Portugal With his monumental collection of villas, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to prove and prove his.

Aside from the pink balls, this handsome and talented forward also makes many people jealous of his ownership of a number of supercars and in particular his million dollar mansions.

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