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Georgina Rodriguez Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Georgina Rodriguez’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Georgina Rodriguez is a model known for being Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner since 2017 and also for her modeling shoots. 

If you also want to learn more about Georgina Rodriguez’s workouts and Georgina Rodriguez’s nutrition plan, read on. Georgina Rodriguez Workout Routine Georgina Rodriguez is one of the most famous models and personalities worldwide.

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 54 kg
Age 27 years
Breast 33-34 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 35 inch



She has more than 29 million followers on Instagram and is widely recognized as a CR7 partner. Georgina Rodríguez is also in incredible shape and always has been;

Even after the birth of her son, she was able to bring herself back into incredible shape. So how does Georgina Rodríguez stay in this form?


Well, I read in an interview that Georgina Rodríguez said that she was embarrassed during the first training session with her partner. Christian. I wasn’t in shape to train that well with the world’s most outstanding athlete .However, now Georgina Rodríguez has gradually become one of the fittest models.

The reason for his fitness is two different main training sessions. One of Georgina Rodríguez’s trainings that she has been practicing for a long time is ballet, as can be seen in this video.

In this interview, Georgina Rodríguez even explained that ballet is one of the exercises that forced her to always be at her best. why Georgina Rodríguez chose this course. The other workout that Georgina Rodríguez often does is the toning workout at the gym.

You will see a lot of Georgina Rodríguez in the gym doing different exercises with a resistance band, weights, etc.

Even when the country was in lockdown, Georgina Rodríguez continued to train at her home gym, as you can see here. She’s more focused on training these days as she’s also busy with kids and such. up to six days of training where we do a little cardio and then hit the gym and do weight circuit training.


So Let’s Begin: Georgina Rodríguez’s Diet Plan Unfortunately, Georgina Rodríguez’s diet is unknown and she has never given an interview about her diet.


However, when I think about how he consistently carries out his training, I’m sure his diet must be healthy as well. Also, she’s the girlfriend of the fittest athlete, so they must indeed have a similar diet. So I’ll give you a diet that will help you achieve a body like Georgina Rodríguez’s.


Diet that will help you achieve a body like Georgina Rodríguez’s.

Avocado toast

Protein smoothie

Chicken breast

Evening Snack

Wholegrain pasta with red wine or salmon with rice and veggies
That’s all for the Georgina Rodriguez diet plan.


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