Goals If Weren’t Filmed, Nobody Would Believe

Goals If Weren’t Filmed Nobody Would Believe

There are Many incredible goals that have been scored throughout the history of football, many of which have been captured on film for all to see.

However, there are also some goals that are so unbelievable that if they weren’t filmed, people might not believe that they actually happened.

Here You can watch many Goals that Can’t be Repeated in Football.

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“Cristiano sometimes does things that only he can do, you could say it’s one of the greatest goals in football history,” said the coach after the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League final . In the end, Real won 3-0.

Goalkeepers DESTROYED By Ronaldinho

Goals that Can’t be Repeated in Football

Chilean with ten points, not even a mole. Cristiano Ronaldo’s technical gesture in his Chilean is impeccable, while Gianluigi Buffon’s synthetic response, paralyzed like a statue, is the result of the polite but determined demeanor of the five-time Ballon d’Or.

A pirouette that reveals the soup of Portuguese virtues. A footballer who has strived since day one to be better than the day before, has no roof over his head and retains the same unquenchable thirst for self-transcendence he had as a teenager escaping the night to work overtime at the gym to make, I was very thin. It’s the physical stats of the two that reveal the Portuguese’s technical qualities.

The European kicked the ball 2.38 meters high – the arch measures 2.44 – and rose harmoniously 1.41 meters above the ground. Mattia de Sciglio (1.82 yards) who jumped in a frustrated attempt to defend the game seems a long way from Cristiano’s jump.

The striker, who was also the first player in history to score in 10 straight Champions League games, stretched his leg almost a meter (97 centimeters) to put the ball in the middle of Dani Carvajal , who appeared to be very large . An action in which he also showed flexibility. Pure work in the gym.

Perfection, title of painting.Signature: CR7. A goal that is already considered one of the best in history and that Cristiano has declared the best of his career. After the goal, the Juventus fans stopped cheering. Luso, more surprised by the audience’s reaction than by his Chilean, limited himself to thanks.

“I have to thank the Juventus fans, what they did was fantastic and I’ve never seen anything like it in my career. It’s the best goal I’ve ever scored,” said the Portugal international after the game .

The world unfolds before Christian’s feet


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