Cristiaпo Roпaldo show off his padel s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁s iп Siпgapore Maпchester Uпited Legeпds

Cristiaпo Roпaldo show off his padel s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁s iп Siпgapore Maпchester Uпited Legeпds

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned football superstar, took some time off during his post-season trip to Singapore to indulge in a refreshing padel session.

After wrapping up the 2022-23 season with Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr, where he secured a resounding 3-0 victory against Al Fateh, Ronaldo decided to recharge and explore Southeast Asia. Despite falling short of the Saudi Pro League title, finishing five points behind winners

Al-Ittihad, the Portuguese forward didn’t let disappointment overshadow his spirit. Joining forces with his friend Peter Lim, the billionaire tycoon who owns Spanish side Valencia, Ronaldo ventured to Singapore to promote charitable initiatives.


Cristiano Ronaldo Displays Padel Skills in Singapore

During his visit to Singapore, Cristiano Ronaldo engaged in a lively game of padel, a racquet sport similar to squash and tennis.

The Al-Nassr forward, after engaging in conversations with locals, embraced the opportunity to showcase his padel prowess.

Ronaldo shared his exhilarating experience with his 588 million Instagram followers, posting a picture with the caption, “Coming soon to Asia @primepadelsport – thanks for the rally!” This post garnered an overwhelming response, receiving nearly 3.5 million likes.

Ronaldo’s Relaxed Demeanor Captivates Local Crowd

Captured in the images, Cristiano Ronaldo, aged 38, appeared relaxed and at ease as he skillfully maneuvered the racquet, garnering cheers from local youngsters.

The football icon’s comfortable presence and his every shot elicited boisterous excitement from the crowd. Ronaldo’s ability to effortlessly connect with fans on and off the field has contributed to his widespread popularity.

Ronaldo’s Commitment to Saudi Arabia

Amid speculation linking Cristiano Ronaldo with a surprise return to former club Real Madrid or a move to German giants Bayern Munich, the football superstar confirmed his dedication to Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo dismissed the rumors and asserted his happiness with his current situation in Saudi Arabia, stating, “I am glad here, I want to continue here, and I can continue here.” He expressed his belief in the potential of the Saudi league, stating his conviction that it can become one of the top five leagues in the world.

Ronaldo emphasized his commitment to integrating into the Saudi culture and vowed to bring joy to the people through his performances and victories.

Ronaldo’s Post-Season Plans

Looking ahead, Al-Nassr has a packed schedule in July, with matches against Al-Shabab in the Arab Club Champions Cup and friendly encounters against Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan as part of their pre-season preparations. Ronaldo’s presence on the team provides a significant boost, and his determination to succeed will undoubtedly fuel Al-Nassr’s pursuit of glory.


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