Cristiano Ronaldo 96m in 10s Vs Usain Bolt 100m in 9,58 \ Speed 100m

Cristiano Ronaldo 96m in 10s Vs Usain Bolt 100m in 9,58 \ Speed 100m

Usain Bolt thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo’s success in many competitions means he is above Lionel Messi.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalist is an avid soccer fan and has in fact managed to make a career in the sport after his suspension.

Although it never happened, he is still very interested in the sport and was recently asked which footballer he admires the most.

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He quickly narrows it down to Messi and Ronaldo, who are often in contention to be recognized as the greatest player of all time.

All about Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro — 🗣 Usain Bolt:

But combined with his loyalty to Manchester United, Bolt believes Ronaldo’s time in three different countries means he will win over his former rival.

“For me it is a difficult question because I am a fan of Argentina, but I am also a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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“I think Cristiano has something else that Messi doesn’t have because he has shown his worth in Italy, Spain and also in the Premier League.

In this case, my answer is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Jamaican has previously compared himself to the Barcelona legend, showing that both have a natural talent for reaching the top in their respective sports.

“Messi is very talented,” he told Omnisport in 2018.”From what I’ve learned and listened to over the years, Cristiano has had to work to get where he is.

I was born with speed and I have a lot of talent [like Messi].” Bolt has not played for 4 years, since retiring in 2017 and speaking in 2020, he thinks Juventus star Ronaldo will be able to beat him in the 100m+ event.

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