Cristiano Ronaldo has inspired soмe of world footfall’s Biggest stars over the years

Cristiano Ronaldo has inspired soмe of world footfall’s Biggest stars over the years

The Portuguese forward has won 5 Ballon d’Or awards during his illustrious career, scored an exceptional number of goals and won titles with top clubs in England, Spain and Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a young Kylian Mbappe (left)

Oh, and he also helped Portugal win Euro 2016. Ronaldo deserves all the credit in the world for maximizing his potential through hard work and dedication to his profession.

And for many aspiring soccer players around the world, Ronaldo is their soccer idol. Ronaldo, who turns 38 in February, has also inspired some of football’s current superstars, including Kylian MƄappe.

Kylian MƄappe's мoмent with Cristiano Ronaldo spotted after diʋisiʋe Lionel  Messi coммents - Mirror Online

During Sunday’s UEFA Nations League clash between France and Portugal, Ronaldo and MƄappe had a funny moment at half-time.

And after the game, MƄappe tweeted the word “idol” along with the crown and goat emojis in a direct message to his hero.

But MƄappe isn’t the only current star to openly admit that Ronaldo is his idol.

Haaland Manchester City.

Star Erling Haaland is one of the youngest strikers in the world but the Norwegian said he would not have become a footballer without Ronaldo. The man says so himself.

“I would like to meet him and tell him that I am a footballer because of him,” the 22-year-old told reporters earlier this year. “He was always a role model for me.

Tin chuyển nhượng 16/2: MU nhắм Abrahaм, Haaland sẽ rời Man City

” Tin chuyển nhượng 2/16: MU nhắм Abraham, Haaland  Man City Marcus Rashford You only have to look at Marcus Rashford’s free-kick technique to see that the Manchester United striker grew up with Ronaldo. “For me, there is no inspiration in football,” he told Man Utd’s official website in 2018.

“I could speak for a lot of young players and United fans who saw the team when they were here and most of us followed him as he progressed in his career and that’s what makes United so special .” Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo are starting to show a connection


“The way he has continued his career and improved year after year is just amazing. “People his age don’t do that, people are usually nearing the end of their careers and his level is starting to drop a bit but he’s just gone up and up and up.

Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo Ƅeginning to show a connection

” In the same year, Ronaldo sent Rashford a Real Madrid jersey with the words ‘For Marcus. Keep up the good work,” it says on the back. Class.

Joao Felix

“Cristiano is my neighborhood idol, he’s a role model for me for everything,” Félix told Record in 2019. “I was still a footballer and he was already the best player in the world. He is unique. João Félix : “Ne gâchez pas l’amƄiance de la Seleção”

João Félix : « Ne gâchez pas l'aмƄiance de la Seleção »

“He writes football history. I loved when he said I was a freak. The Cheasel star added: “People always ask me if I can reach Cristiano’s level and I always tell them the same thing.

“Cristiano is unique and irreplaceable. All I want is to be Joao Felix.”

 Matthijs de Ligt

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