Cristiano Ronaldo in Dubai’s Karama food street! Messi and David Beckham were also ‘spotted’ at Expo City Dubai in the expat’s make-believe world powered by art

From soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo preparing a meal on the street to Will Smith chopping spices and Pope Francis examining a tray of fried snacks – UAE digital artist Jyo John Mᴜlloor has made Dubai lively. We wish these images could come to life.

Melloor on Thursday released a series of dramatic new AI-generated images showing celebrities rubbing shoulders with ordinary residents – right on the street close to our hearts. surname, Karama.

“These extraordinary individuals cooked and served food to the less fortunate during the holy month of Ramadan,” he wrote in the caption for the surreal images he created. artificial intelligence.

In Mᴜlloor’s imagined “Ramadan Food Street”, Ronald and David Beckham wear aprons while preparing and serving food.

Pope Francis appears to stop for a snack, while Will Smith chops spices and Brᴜce Willis looks for something to eat:

In his latest series, released on Friday, Mᴜroor added more personalities and included them as part of “Ramadan celebrations at Dᴜbai Exhibition City”.


Barack Obama, Lionel Messi and Donald Trump are all seen holding lanterns: using AI to place some of the world’s most famous figures in ‘unique scenarios’ has gone mainstream – and the results are yet to come never fails to impress Internet users.

Do you remember the collection of superheroes on a diet – where Spider-Man was seen wearing a cape and Iron Man in a kᴜrta?

What about the Game Thrones characters imagined in jeweled Indian costumes that Moroor also created?

All these images – which have gone viral – show how well AI has helped artists create imaginary scenarios featuring “real people”.


While impressive, the technology has caused some controversy, especially when an artist used it to “imagine Trump being arrested” and many people believed the photos were fake.


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