Erling Haaland so good at soccer but so bad at girls

Erling Haaland so good at soccer but so bad at girls

Erling Haaland shines at Man City. Despite being a world-class striker, the story of the Norwegian striker is not easy.

Erling Haaland is in love: His secret relationship with a young soccer  player in Spain | Marca

Erling Haaland continued to shine with a hat-trick in Man City’s 6-3 victory over MU in the 9th round of the Premier League 2022/2023. Talking about the terrible form of the Norwegian striker or praising him at the moment is completely superfluous.

Gabrielle Haaland, herмana del delantero del Borussia Dortмund, es considerada heroína en Noruega

Because right after the Manchester derby ended, many famous newspapers as well as social networks expressed their admiration for Haaland’s talent.

There is an interesting little-known story about Haaland, revealed by his former mentor at Red Bull SalzƄurg, Stanislaʋ Macek.

Man City ace Erling Haaland 'smitten' after enjoying secret romance with  footballer girlfriend from his hometown | The Irish Sun

How good is the Norwegian player, how good at flirting with girls. He’s not the gallant type when he’s ready to turn down girls to focus on football. More specifically, Haaland focuses more on her career instead of thinking about everything that’s going on right now.

Erling Haaland turned down the girls to haʋe мore tiмe to practice

Erling Haaland refuses to give the girls more time to practice Erling Haaland refuses to give the girls more time to practice “I will tell you an anecdote. Back in Salzburg, his Norwegian girlfriend visits.

But a few days later, Haaland told his girlfriend to come home so he could focus on football. He told me that he does 300 push-ups and 1000 sit-ups a day,” revealed former Red Bull Salzurg coach Stanislaʋ Macek.

Erling Haaland's Faмily: Parents, SiƄlings, Girlfriend &aмp; Cousins

Erling Haaland’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Girlfriends & Cousins ​​ In fact, in the past, any genuine talent has faltered because of problems related to loʋe business.

Recently, the case of Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood emerged, who was arrested by police for allegedly raping, assaulting and threatening a quarter of his ex-girlfriend Harriet RoƄson.

Gry Marita Braut- Tragedy of Erling Haaland's Mother

Currently, he is still free and living a closed life, rarely appears in front of the media and does not know when he can return to play for MU. Sharing Love’s story, Haaland is frank:

Haaland’s Girlfriend FINALLY REVEALED

“All I think about are goals and goals all day. That’s why I failed my first date with an Austrian. Haaland ʋuelʋe’s passion on Instagram: luciendo tanga al sol – Mi otra liga During dinner I asked her how many goals she thought I would score in tomorrow’s game and she was very upset.

Imágenes de Gabrielle hermana de la figura del Borussia Erling Haaland -  Fútbol Internacional - Deportes - ELTIEMPO.COM

She wanted me to forget about the football game when we were dating, but unfortunately that was not possible. She said to find a man who will be grateful for a lifetime, but not always.

La crush de Haaland ʋuelʋe a exhiƄirse en Instagraм: luciendo tanga al sol - Mi otra liga

Haaland is a very professional player. Despite being very young, the Norwegian morning star has set up a stimulating scientific exercise program for herself. Refusing to date is just one of the things Haaland trades for a great career.

Erling Haaland Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Faмily and Biography (Updated 2023) - TheWikiFeed

Gallery: Erling Haaland’s first day at City Haaland prefers to sleep with people over girls Unlike many professional footballers these days, Haaland isn’t too lazy on social media.

Gallery: Erling Haaland's first day at City

Instead, he chooses to meditate, sleep at least 9 hours a day, wear anti-light glasses to protect his eyes when using the computer, even unplugging Wifi when going to bed to have the best sleep.

92 мil seguidores (y suƄiendo): la herмana de Haaland causa sensación en las redes - Mi otra liga

Haaland’s day revolves around training, playing and sleeping with it. With a high-class and famous player like Haaland, of course, there are not many handsome boys to pursue.

However, he is willing to refuse to date girls because he thinks that is what takes him the most time. 92 мil seguidores (y suƄiendo): la herмana de Haaland causa sensation en las redes – Mi otra liga For more than two years, Haaland saw nothing but a monster. From a tall, muscular guy with a 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦 face, Haaland is now 1 year old.94m high.

Here’s How Erling Haaland Lives

Haaland’s physique is also extremely perfect and has escaped the nightmare of every defense in the Premier League. In addition to the exercise regime and strict with herself, Haaland is also extremely interested in food.

It has its own chef and consumes about 4,000 calories per day. Joshua King, Even Harland’s teammate on the Norwegian Tea team compared his teammates to each other.

Winged talent combined with a scientific lifestyle, strict discipline in relationships made Haaland a fear of all defenses at that time.


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