Fans conʋinced Erling Haaland is ‘trying to Ƅe Cristiano Ronaldo’

Fans conʋinced Erling Haaland is ‘trying to Ƅe Cristiano Ronaldo’ as they spot unusual haƄit Ƅefore Real Madrid clash

Football fans have been captivated by an intriguing similarity between Erling Haaland and Cristiano Ronaldo’s pre-match rituals.

As the Norwegian striker, Haaland, posed for a photo alongside his teammates before the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that he was following in Ronaldo’s footsteps, both figuratively and literally.

 Uncovering the Tiptoe Connection

Ronaldo’s penchant for standing on his tiptoes in group photos has not gone unnoticed. Haaland, too, was photographed attempting to gain a few extra inches while standing next to Ederson.

This peculiar habit of standing on their toes is especially intriguing considering that both players stand over six feet tall.

On Instagram, a fan playfully pointed out Haaland’s height advantage within the team, to which another fan responded, “Bros trying to be like his idol Cristiano.”

The Influence of CR7

It is evident that Haaland holds great admiration for the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, as Ronaldo is his favorite player.

Many speculate that Haaland’s unconscious mirroring of Ronaldo’s habits may stem from this admiration. Whether intentional or not, the young striker’s attempt to emulate his idol’s actions has not gone unnoticed by fans and the media alike.

 Twitter Reacts

Twitter became abuzz with comparisons and discussions surrounding Haaland and Ronaldo’s strikingly similar habits.

Ronaldo has faced accusations of using this height advantage tactic throughout his career, with some critics expressing disdain for the perceived attempt to gain an unfair edge.

However, others argue that in the world of football, this behavior can be seen as a sign of readiness and determination.

As the Champions League final approaches, Haaland will undoubtedly strive to replicate Ronaldo’s exceptional performances in European finals.

With Manchester City having secured their spot in the final against Inter Milan on June 10, Haaland’s admiration for his idol could serve as a powerful motivation to leave his mark on the grandest stage of European club football.

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