10 Best Female NASCAR Drivers of All Time

According to the Latest Sports Survey 50 Percent of Females from all around the World Like NASCAR Driving, Moter Racing, and interested to become a NASCAR Driver. There are many females famous but here is the list of world Top famous NASCAR Drivers which build a huge name and position in this field. This is not very simple and easy for Every NASCAR female driver to Become a professional Motor Racer in the World. Only a few ladies are professionals who have the ability of NASCAR Driving.  It takes a lot of time and hard works to become successful in Motor Racing.

Female NASCAR Drivers

Deegan and Robinson are the World Most Professional and Famous Female Nascar Driver. Christmas Abbott, Angela Ruch, Ashley Parlett, Ashley Busch, and Shawna Robinson are also professional Motor Drivers. Nascar Driving is the Profession of These females and having a name in this Field. 

#10 – Angela Cope

Female NASCAR Drivers

Was born in the Country of Puyallup, Washington, on August 18th, 1983. Angela Cope is the professional Female in Nascar and the last women of our List of top 10 females drivers. she built her professional career in Xfinity series in the year of 2011 and become an owner of the 7 Starts. She completes her awesome finish in 55th place in 2011. Angela Cope the Motor Driver also build her debut in the Camping World Truck series and become one 1 Starts.

#9 – Kim Crosby

Female NASCAR Drivers

was born in Tallahassee, Florida, on December 8th, 1964, and 9th professional players in the list of 10 best female NASCAR drivers. She made her professional career in the Xfinity series of 2004 and made complete 10 stars. The professional Driver achieved her best finish at the 72nd position in the year 2004. Kis Crosby is also the World Truck 2008 Winner but did not participate in the special Sprint Cup Series.

#8 – Erin Crocker

was born in the Country of Wilbraham, Massachusetts, on March 23rd, 1981. Erin Crocker is the World professional Motor Sports Racer and 8th female in the list of top 10 Female Nascar Drivers. Crocker Build her Professional debut in Xfinity series in the year 2005 and complete 10 stars. Erin Crocker achieved her best-ever finish on 67th position in 2006. The Professional Driver Erin Crocker also in Camping World Truck series made her Debut with 29 starts. She crosses her best-ever World Truck Series points in the 25th position in 2006.

#7 – Tina Gordon

Female NASCAR Drivers

is the Former Nascar Driver also the Sticks ‘N’ Stuff furniture chain.spokesperson. She Was Born on 14 March 1969 in North Carolina and her Current Age is 49 years. Tina Gordon is one of the Professional Female Nascar Driver and having 7th Position in this List.

#6 – Tammy Jo Kirk

Female NASCAR Drivers

is one lady from professional Nascar Motorcycle drivers. She was born on 6 May 1962 in Dalton, Georgia and her Current age is 56 years. Nascar Motorcycle is one of the Difficult and dangerous game but Tammy Jo Kirk prove it that female can drive in this sport. Tammy Jo Kirk was the First Racer with the first position in the Craftsman Truck Series. The Professional and Brave NASCAR Driver left the Field after 2003.

#5 – Jennifer Jo Cobb

Female NASCAR Drivers

is a professional American stock car racing driver and also an owner of the Nascar Team. She was born on 12 June 1973 and her current age is 45 years. Jo Cobb is the Current Active Nascar Racer competing full time in World Truck Series. She Drives No – 10 the new model Chevrolet Silverado for the Racing JCC. Jennifer Jo Cobb Driving Part-Time with Xfinity Series and driving Toyota Camry for JP Motorsports.

#4 – Johanna Long

Female NASCAR Drivers

is the Most Professional player formerly known as Johanna Long, is an American stock car racing driver. She was born on May 26, 1992, and her current age is 26 years. Johanna Long is the Winner of Stock Motor Racing in 2010.

#3 – Shawna Robinson

Female NASCAR Drivers

is a Professional American retired stock car racing driver in 2003. She Was Born on November 30, 1964and her current age is 53 years. The Professional Motor Driver She was a competitor of three NASCAR’s national series. Also, Shawna Robinson was in the ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde and the Charlotte Dash Series.

#2 – Patty Moise

Female NASCAR Drivers

is the former professional NASCAR driver who was born on December 29, 1960, and her current age 57 is years. She drove like a professional in five famous Winston Cup races from the year of 1987 to 1989. Patty Moise was in the 133 Busch Series Motor races from the year 1986 to 1998. He Husband Elton Sawyer was also one of the Professional Nascar Driver.

#1 – Danica Patrick

Female NASCAR Drivers

is an American Professional former professional Motor racing driver. She was Born on March 25, 1982, in Beloit and her Current age is 36 years. Patrick is the most successful professional woman in the Complete history of American open-wheel racing. Danica Patrick was Victory in the Year of 2008 and win 300 Only by her in the IndyCar Series race. The World Professional Female Nascar Driver Danica Patrick win his First race in 20018 at Indy Japan.

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