inside Ronaldo’s £43m luxury mansion you can only wish for

Over the years Cristiano Ronaldo has amassed a fortune estimated at £789 million which he has used to buy luxury properties. The Portuguese legend started out in a small apartment in Madeira where he grew up dreaming of becoming a football star.

inside Ronaldo’s £43m luxury mansion you can only wish for

And when he did the near impossible, his career took him from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United to Real Madrid to Juventus and back to the Red Devils. Just weeks after returning to the UK, he was forced to move from his mansion to a new £3million home in Cheshire amid sheep keeping him awake and security concerns. With the money he earns as a superstar, Ronaldo can always easily improve his lifestyle.

These are the places where the 36-year-old five-time Balloon d’Or winner lived and now lives. He lived with his siblings in a small room that was very different. how he lives now Back in 2019, Ronaldo reportedly took his son Cristiano Jr. to see where he grew up. “I was so happy that he would see where I grew up,” he told TVI.

“He went up with me and some of the people who lived there at the time were still there.” To be honest I was touched because I wasn’t expecting to see those people, which is what I was feeling feeling gave something sad. Ronaldo went on to say that Cristiano Jr., who is used to a more luxurious life, was surprised at how big his father’s old room was.

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“When my son looked at me, he said, ‘Dad. You lived here, right?’ He didn’t think that was true. MANCHESTER Ronaldo was a star player in his early days at Manchester United, from 2003 to 2009, and like most of his team-mates at the time, lived in the exclusive Alderley Edge neighborhood.

For three of those years he lived in a £3million mansion with five large bedrooms, his and hers dressing rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a huge garden and lovely terraces. The property also features a gym, cinema room, steam room, jacuzzi and indoor pool.

When Ronaldo left the big clubs in the Premier League, he kept the house for a further nine years before putting it on the market. A bigger house was needed after a £80m move to Real Madrid, which was a record at the time.

He settled on a beautiful home in the expensive La Fina area, costing £4.8million and designed by famed architect Joaquín Torres. The house has an indoor pool and an outdoor pool where Ronaldo used to train regularly.


The house also has a state-of-the-art gym with treadmills, weights and a stretching area so Ronaldo can work out and stay in shape at home. to relax with chairs and loungers. Ronaldo also had his initials engraved on the door handles.

Another move and a new apartment. Ronaldo went to Juventus in 2018. And he needed a suitable house for the new king of Turin.

It had two villas side by side on a private driveway with security guards leading to a front gate. The villas have their own entrances and are surrounded by beautiful gardens and plants. Ronaldo fell in love with the house because it was so similar to the one in Madrid.

Georgina used to work in his shop, and he liked going to a new gym together. And there’s also a swimming pool where Ronaldo would cool off with a few laps after a hard weightlifting session. The house is so high that upon purchase.

La Gazzetta dello Sport said:

“It’s as if Torino lies at the feet of CR7, the city’s homage to the long-awaited and recently arrived champion.” “THE HOLIDAY HOME Ronaldo reportedly spent £1.4million on a holiday home on the Costa del Sol in 2019. Because so many famous people live there, the area where the big house is located is called The Superstars Cul-De-Sac.

UFC star Connor McGregor is also said to have a home nearby. It has four bedrooms, high vaulted ceilings and stunning sea views. There is a private golf course, LED-lit driveway, private gyms, built-in cinema and infinity pool.

Which works because Conor will certainly work for Ronaldo too. His seven-storey mansion in Funchal was finally completed last summer. He took over the former Manchester United number.7 four years to convert a warehouse into this luxury home after buying it and turning it into a mansion.

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