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Katharine Ruth the Tallest WNBA Player

Tallest WNBA Player. Katharine Ruth “Katie” Mattera was born on November 17, 1982, as Katharine Ruth Feenstra). She is an American professional college basketball senior coach and one of the retired player for the WNBA. The height of the Katharine Ruth was 6 feet 7.5 inches tall and known as the seventh-tallest female player of the WNBA.

Katie Feenstra-Mattera is a well-known WNBA Basketball player in history with a good height. Millions of fans she got on different social accounts. She has fans from all over the world. Katie Feenstra-Mattera is one of the healthy and good looking tallest players.

Tallest WNBA Player Details

On month February 14, the year 2005. Feenstra was one of the tallest players in Liberty University and Big South Conference all history. She finished her career at Liberty as one of only two players in NCAA history to lead the nation in field-goal percentage in back-to-back seasons (2004, 2005). Mattera originally selected as a Connecticut Sun in the month of April 16, 2005.

Katharine Ruth on February 6, 2008, selected as the expansion draft by the Atlanta Dream. The best Katharine Ruth married Todd Mattera on November 8, 2008. She wears men’s size 17 (US) / 53 (EU) shoes.

Personal Details of Katharine Ruth “Katie” Mattera 

Katharine Ruth “Katie” Mattera is a professional American college basketball coach and retired WNBA player. Mattera is the seventh tallest players in WNBA history. Check more information about Katharine Ruth.
Born on November 17, 1982 at Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Height of the Katharen  is 2.02 m
Weight of the Katharen  is 109 kg
Career start from 2005
Education: Liberty University
Position: Center

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