Messi REVEALS Why He NEVER Touches Another Woman

Messi REVEALS Why He NEVER Touches Another Woman..

Despite achieving almost everything, Leo Messi continues to receive many accolades. With his family by his side, Lionel Messi received his sixth Golden Shoe, the latest in a long line of individual accolades.

The award was presented by the Spanish sports newspaper Marca. Lionel Messi has always been a good man with a lot of praise on the pitch.

This superstar has been talked about a lot lately but today we will find out why he doesn’t like hugging female fans and a little bit about his personal life. Without further trouble.

Let’s go. Family comes first He is a family man and must respect his wife even if she doesn’t complain and he is also the shy type with women.

You grow and you learn. You gain experience in every aspect of your life, on and off the pitch. But as a human being, having three children has changed my outlook on life, my way of thinking, and it has also helped me grow up.

Although there are very few moments of rest at home with our three children, we still try to enjoy every moment with our children, whether watching TV, playing or otherwise.

We love to stay at home and enjoy these moments. My wife, Antonela, has many wonderful qualities.

Models rejected by Lionel Messi for being faithful to Antonella | El  Futbolero US International Players

I admire the way she handles everyday life, she is always in a good mood and admirably solves problems.


She is very intelligent and balanced in all aspects of her life. Current and future challenges I dream of winning more titles at the collective level.

Lionel Messi aterrizó en Argentina con Antonela Roccuzzo y sus hijos:  pasará Navidad con su familia en Rosario - Infobae

Win another Champions League. This is the challenge we face: adding a new Champions League to the trophy cabinet.

I always say that personal awards are not my goal.Player of the Year, Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot and less is goal of the year.

Pin en anto y messi

If you get them all the better: otherwise no problem. Now I play a little deeper to get the ball from the midfielders. I don’t know what will happen in the future with my position.


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