Reason behind Ronaldo doesn’t let his son use his phone

Reason behind Ronaldo doesn’t let his son use his phone

For those who are passionate about football, it is impossible not to know football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Until now, Cristiano Ronaldo is still considered a “living legend” like the number 7 shirt. As the first son of CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior must be “golden feet” to continue his career. of his father.


However, Ronaldo Jr’s talent and early earning ability did not allow him to use the phone.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is known to the world as the first son of football superstar CR7.

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Specifically, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, born in 2010, is the first son of the male player CR7.

The boy Ronaldo Jr made his public debut when his father led him to the podium to receive the 2015 Ballon d’Or award.

Since then, the boy Ronaldo Jr  grown up under millions of eyes all over the world. The image of the boy and his father receiving the “Golden Ball” in 2015 surprised the whole world.

Cristiano Ronaldo teaches his sons CR7 Jr and Mateo football skills


BEAUTIFUL! Cristiano Ronaldo and his newborn son… As we know, CR7’s father raised his son very carefully and with principles.

Although CR7 is not a son to follow in his footsteps, it is clear that under the influence of his father who is the best player in the world, Ronaldo Jr has joined the football village and quickly revealed his rare talent.

In the 2020 season, Ronaldo Jr scored a total of 58 goals in 23 games. Since then, the football world began to pay attention to the name Ronaldo Jr as a “potential football seed” instead of his son Cristiano Ronaldo as before.

From a young age, Ronaldo Jr learned from his father how to play sports and exercise. On the pitch, Ronaldo Jr shines with assists and a professional style of handling and dribbling.


Thanks to that, the 12-year-old boy was honored to win the title of top scorer. In early 2022, Ronaldo Jr signed a contract with the Manchester United club, opening a big turning point for his football career.

Thanks to his father’s steel discipline, the boy Ronaldo Jr shines more and more with football talent. Talented and successful in his teens, Ronaldo Jr is understandable.

According to Fame Ranker’s analysis, every year son CR7 can earn more than 363,000 USD.

So from the beginning until now, Ronaldo Jr’s assets can be up to 1.2 million USD Although he was only 12 years old, Ronaldo Jr was not allowed to use a mobile phone by his father.

Despite being a rich person, he is a “rich kid”, but Ronaldo Jr is constantly rejected by his father every time he asks for “Dad, I want a phone”.

In an interview, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he did not allow his son to use a mobile phone because he did not want him to be ‘destined by technology’ when he was too young.

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