Richest Sports Franchise in The World

There are many Richest Sports Franchise which Hiring the World Top Richest paid players. All of the Richest Sports Franchises are earning a very high amount yearly. Many Sports Become successful by the Help of Most Valuable Sports Franchise in The World. Any sport has their own Franchise and they support that sport. There are many Richest Franchise in The World and Most Valuable Sports Teams which support their own Sport.

Richest Sports Franchise

Dallas Cowboys is the First richest Sports Franchise with Net Worth of $4.8 billion. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Dallas Cowboys, Barcelona, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Jets are also Main Franchise with High Net Worth.

Franchise Names Net Worth
Dallas Cowboys $4.8 billion
Manchester United $4.123 billion
Real Madrid $4.09 billion
Barcelona $4.064 billion
New York Yankees $4 billion
New England Patriots $3.7 billion
New York Knicks $3.6 billion
Los Angeles Lakers $3.3 billion
New York Giants $3.3 billion
Golden State Warriors $3.1 billion
Washington Redskins $3.1 billion
Bayern Munich $3.063 billion
San Francisco 49ers $3.05 billion
Los Angeles Dodgers $3 billion
Los Angeles Rams $3 billion
Chicago Cubs $2.9 billion
San Francisco Giants $2.85 billion
Chicago Bears $2.85 billion
Boston Red Sox $2.8 billion
Houston Texans $2.8 billion
New York Jets $2.75 billion
Philadelphia Eagles $2.65 billion
Chicago Bulls $2.6 billion
Denver Broncos $2.6 billion
Miami Dolphins $2.575 billion
Green Bay Packers $2.55 billion
Boston Celtics $2.5 billion
Baltimore Ravens $2.5 billion
Atlanta Falcons $2.475 billion
Manchester City $2.474 billion
Pittsburgh Steelers $2.45 billion
Seattle Seahawks $2.425 billion
Minnesota Vikings $2.4 billion
Oakland Raiders $2.38 billion
Indianapolis Colts $2.375 billion
Brooklyn Nets $2.3 billion
Carolina Panthers $2.3 billion
Los Angeles Chargers $2.275 billion
Arsenal $2.238 billion
Houston Rockets $2.2 billion
Los Angeles Clippers $2.15 billion
Arizona Cardinals $2.15 billion
New York Mets $2.1 billion
Kansas City Chiefs $2.1 billion
Jacksonville Jaguars $2.075 billion
Chelsea, $2.062 billion
Tennessee Titans $2.05 billion
New Orleans Saints $2 billion
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $1.975 billion
Cleveland Browns $1.95 billion

Who is the Richest Owner in Sports?

These are owners who earned a high Amount by his Sport and also Currently Earning. Some of America’s Richest Sports Team Owners names Given here. Steve Ballmer is the Owner of $33.6 billion, Paul Allen has $20.6 billion, Philip Anschutz: $12.6 billion, Micky Arison has $9.4 billion and Stanley Kroenke has $8.1 billion Dollars.

  • Steve Ballmer: $33.6 billion 
  • Paul Allen: $20.6 billion 
  • Philip Anschutz: $12.6 billion 
  • Micky Arison: $9.4 billion 
  • Stanley Kroenke: $8.1 billion

What Sports Franchise is Most Profitable?

  • New York Yankees
  • Manchester United
  • FC Barcelona
  • Real Madrid
  • New England Patriots
  • The New York Knicks
  • New York Giants

These are the Sports Franchise is Most Profitable and earning Huge Amount than other teams. All Franchise Earning High amounts and also offering high salaries to players.

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