Ronaldinho from an orphan boy to a world football legend

Ronaldinho from an orphan boy to a world football legend

Because of losing his father too early, Ronaldinho was extinguished his dream of becoming a football superstar!

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Chân dung ông anh quý hóa của Ronaldinho, người đã đưa cả hai anh em vào tù

Death is not the end Like so many other bright stars of Brazil, Ronaldinho had an unhappy childhood.

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The boy whose full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born on March 21, 1980 into a poor family living in the port city of Porto Alegre on the lake Dos Patos.

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Despite the difficult economic situation, in return Ronaldinho received a lot of love and support from his family members – especially João Moreira, whose father had instilled in him a deep love of football.

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João Moreira in was an amateur football player, once dreaming of digital shorts but soon had to retire from playing because of a knee injury to come to welding as a tool to earn a living.

Unable to make his dream come true on his own, a poor Brazilian boy writes his unfinished wish by passing on his passion for football to his sons.

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Living in an environment where the ball was always present, Roberto Asiss, Ronaldinho’s brother quickly became a player for the club Gremio.

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But with a special sensibility, João Moreira had high expectations for Ronaldinho and of course the boy did not disappoint.

Thinking that life would be hard but peacefully passed, a terrible event happened to Dinho when he was only 8 years old.

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The unfortunate accident at the swimming pool (with a heart attack) not only took away Ronaldinho’s beloved father, but also made his family even more miserable because of the loss of the breadwinner.

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Fortunately, this disaster did not make the poor boy let go. On the contrary, the sudden death of his father made the fire inside him burn even more. With iron determination, Dinho swore to his heart that he would help his father fulfill his wish and smile at the Nine Sources.

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Turning pain into action Due to the economic burden on Miguelina de Assis, for Dinho today football is not only a passion but also a matter of money.

Becoming a key player of the local youth team, Ronaldinho often went to play and brought in a small amount of money to help his mother take care of the family’s finances. Under the guidance of his brother Roberto, Ronaldinho improved day by day.

When he first entered the youth team, due to his thin and short physique, he was named Ronaldinho (meaning little Ronaldo) and later when he entered the national team, people also used this name to distinguish him from his teammates. Ronaldo. .

As a street player, Dinho has a technical and improvisational style of play. At the age of 13, the young star with a crooked tooth began to attract attention after scoring 23 goals in the opponent’s net in a local match…..


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