Ronaldo’s 6 glamorous fashion styles make girls fall in love

Have you ever wondered what Ronaldo’s street style will be like, aside from the uniforms on the pitch and the suits when you perform at the event?

Cristiano Ronaldo not only shines on the pitch, but is also considered one of the most stylish players out there. .


In terms of football and fashion, it’s impossible not to mention Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s 6 favorite fashion styles.

With a world famous player, smart suits are a must. Cristiano Ronaldo is a star who often appears on many red carpets and major events.


Therefore, the handsome player owns many different style outfits. For major events, players born in 1985 often choose suits with traditional designs and main colors such as blue, gray and black.

For more relaxed or fun events, the boy in the suit has a more modern design and youthful color. Cristiano Ronaldo transforms different styles with suits.


Sometimes boyish in shorts, sometimes cheeky in rolled-up trousers, he doesn’t hesitate to wear brightly colored suits to attract attention at events.

The owner of five Ballon d’Ors not only owns his own fashion brand called CR7, but is also chosen as their face by many brands. Cristiano Ronaldo always knows how to capitalize on his great assets.

That’s why Cristiano Ronaldo often wears a body-hugging light jersey that emphasizes the healthy beauty of an athlete. when walks down the street. Even if he wears a sweater or a fine wool coat, Cristiano Ronaldo also chooses tight shirts.

The favorite colors of Real Madrid’s best player are also very fashionable: white, bright red and latte. As the owner of a successful fashion brand that produces CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo has quite a youthful style of dressing.

The winter coat also looks sporty in combination with jeans and sports shoes. CR7 is not usually too cumbersome to coordinate.

If you’re layering, often mix solid colors together. Denim is also one of the Portuguese player’s “visceral” styles.

Cristiano Ronaldo often wears denim of the same color. Or you can mix layers of jeans in different colors. Sometimes he wears a dark denim shirt with ripped jeans or white pants. She completed the outfit with sports shoes and elegant glasses.

Cristiano Ronaldo, wherever he goes, always pays close attention to his appearance. He once shared that he was “addicted” to taking care of his body.

With a height of 1.87 m and a toned physique, Ronaldo often prefers to hug the body. Clothing to show his masculine and strong body.

Mr Ro also often wears tight pantone of his favorite combinations is white pants and a dark shirt. This type of clothing is suitable for people with a muscular torso and slim legs.

Soccer players have relatively small legs compared to their torsos because they run a lot. .Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of dressing helps focus the look on toned legs.

Watch video of Cristiano Ronaldo styles over the time

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