Ronaldo’s Wag Celina Locks stuns fans as couple share smooch in the sea

Ronaldo’s Wag Celina Locks stuns fans as couple share smooch in the sea

In a scintillating display of love and beach glamour, Brazilian football legend Ronaldo’s partner, Celia Locks, has left fans awestruck with her stunning appearance in a barely-there bikini during their seaside escapade in Ibiza.

The 33-year-old model showcased her beauty and passion as the couple engaged in a loving embrace amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Spanish island.

A Love Story that Shines

Ronaldo and Celia have been inseparable for a remarkable span of seven years, culminating in their eagerly awaited engagement announcement in January.

This power couple has consistently chosen Ronaldo’s luxurious Ibiza holiday home as their preferred getaway destination, and this time is no different. The enchanting island provides the perfect backdrop for their idyllic moments together.

Beachside Bliss
Celia Locks radiated confidence and affection as she indulged in a playful display of affection with her partner in the azure waters.

The couple’s chemistry was palpable as Celia entwined her legs around Ronaldo, her captivating presence enhanced by a skimpy brown bikini.

Ronaldo, epitomizing beach chic, complemented her allure with navy swim shorts, relishing the sun-kissed waters before cooling off on the sandy shore.

An Opulent Affair

Away from the beach, the couple continued to revel in each other’s company, treating themselves to an opulent lunch at the renowned Casa Jondal on the island.

Celia Locks’ affectionate gestures and infectious laughter underscored the deep bond the couple shares. Every moment they spent together became a testament to their enduring love story.

A Dream Proposal

Cementing their extraordinary journey, Ronaldo orchestrated a dreamy proposal during a romantic Caribbean getaway earlier in the year.

The poignant moment was met with an ecstatic “YES, I do” from his beloved partner, a sentiment that Celia Locks celebrated by sharing intimate snapshots of their cherished moments, capturing a passionate kiss and a promise of forever.

Love Beyond Adversity

Ronaldo’s path to love has been marked by resilience and determination. Having been married three times previously, including his marriage to Maria Beatriz Antony from 2008 to 2012,

Ronaldo’s enduring love for Celia Locks stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment. Their journeys haven’t been without challenges;

Ronaldo’s 2018 hospitalization due to pneumonia saw Celia Locks steadfastly by his side, supporting his recovery and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming outpour of well-wishes during his recuperation.


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