Rugby World Cup – Brief History of the Rugby World Cup

Rugby world cup: Rugby is one of the major sports in the world. There are millions of fans of rugby around the world. The biggest event of this exciting sport in the world is Rugby world cup, that event is held after every 4 years. Almost all the major rugby playing nations participate in this mega event. Here is the informative and interesting news about Rugby world cup.

Here are the all Over view of the Rugby world cup


Year Host Final venue Teams Participants
in Qualifying
Winner Runner-up
1987 Australia & New Zealand Eden Park 16 Invitation 32  New Zealand  France
1991 Britain
Twickenham 16 32 32  Australia  England
1995 South Africa Ellis Park 16 52 32  South Africa  New Zealand
1999 Wales Millennium Stadium 20 65 41  Australia  France
2003 Australia Telstra Stadium 20 80 48  England  Australia
2007 France Stade de France 20 91 48  South Africa  England
2011 New Zealand Eden Park 20 93 48  New Zealand  France
2015 England Twickenham 20 96 48  New Zealand  Australia
2019 Japan Yokohoma Stadium 20 48
2023 France

Details about Rugby world cup

The 2015 Rugby world cup was hosted by England. The 2015 Rugby world cup start date was September 18, 2015. The world cup saw some pretty exciting matches and some people even say that it was the best rugby world cup. New Zealand won that 2015 world cup and Australia was the runners-up. South Africa was at third place.

The next rugby world cup is going to take place in Japan starting from September 20, 2019. Although the world cup is far away, many fans of the sport are already pretty exciting for this event and are hopping that it will be a top rugby world cup.

There are four major ruby playing nations in the world. These include the UK, France, New Zealand, and Australia. All these four nations are very strong in the sport and are always favorite in all sports. Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and Wales. Here are still 8 more slots available and the competition is stiff among other teams. Let’s all wait and see if Japan is able to organize a successful Rugby world cup in 2019.

Rugby World Cup

Did you follow the rugby world cup in 2015? If you excited for the 2019 world cup then Do let us know about your thoughts. Share your knowledge and suggestion about the Rugby World Cup.

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