Saudi Arabia’s super-rich give CR7 a “simple limited edition” gift worth £630000 to welcome him to their country

Ronaldo added a watch to the collection specially designed to welcome him to play football in Saudi Arabia.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia to sign with Al Nassr, he turned heads with a striking green watch. This is a Ronaldo who received a gift after signing a contract to play football in Saudi Arabia.

The luxurious jewel, described as “one of a kind” by the Daily Mail, costs up to £630,000. Dong ho from Ronaldo’s brother 3The watch has the main blue color representing the flag of Saudi Arabia with the highlight of the 18k white gold frame accompanied by 338 extremely rare gemstones.

The stone set in Ronaldo’s watch sparkles and is 200 times rarer than emerald Jacob and co also designed the most advanced alligator leather strap. Previously, Ronaldo also worked with Jacob and Co to create a collection.

Each limited edition watch is meticulously engraved with a memorable moment in the CR7’s career.One of them is a 2.93m rebound before hitting Man United in the 2012/13 Champions League season.

This watch model was launched shortly after Ronaldo resigned from his contract with club Old Trafford late last year.

As well as rare supercars, Ronaldo also owns a watch collection worth up to £5million, according to the Daily Mail. Franck Muller (£1.6 million) is said to be the former MU striker’s most expensive watch.

As well as the luxury gifts, Ronaldo also receives a salary of more than £150million a year. Without stopping there, he immediately became captain of Al Nassr. After two tours for home club Msool Park, Ronaldo is yet to score. the title of the National Super Cup.

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