Suarez Debut, Messi 5 goals extra time鈿金煔馃挜 Inter Miami vs Atlanta 9/3 Highlights & All Goals / Messi

Suarez Debut, Messi 5 goals extra time鈿金煔馃挜 Inter Miami vs Atlanta 9/3 Highlights & All Goals / Messi

SALT Bae’s World Cup final antics with Lionel Messi have resulted in him being banned from a music festival.

The fame-hungry chef has come under fire after harassing Messi for a selfie as well as embarrassing videos with Argentina captain Kylian Mbappe and Robert Lewansowski.


Salt Bae supporters said Mbappe looked “uncomfortable” in an awkward videoCredit: Instagram His criminal record also includes lifting the World Cup trophy, a privilege reserved for winners, heads of state and FIFA officials, as well as grabbing and Biting a player’s medal.

The chef, whose real name is Nusret Gokce, has been banned from the US Open Cup soccer tournament.

Now the organizers of the Rolling Loud music festival have taken preventive measures to prevent Salt Bae from participating. “We also banned Salt Bae from Rolling Loud LA 2023 in March.

” they tweeted. It’s unclear if the Turkish chef had any plans to go to the event, but they’re clearly not taking any chances. After the World Cup final, FIFA had to admit, humiliatingly, that they shouldn’t have been on the pitch in the first place.

It’s not the first time celebrity chef has tried to put pork in the spotlight while hanging out with soccer stars.His followers slammed a resurfaced Instagram video featuring Kylian Mbappe as “awkward”. Mbappe, seated next to the rust mogul, can be heard saying.

“It was a good night.” A pleasure to come with my husband. Salt Bae replies, “Always. The pair shake hands and Mbappe winks at the camera before Salt Bae kisses the footballer on the cheek.

Chef supporters said Mbappe looked “awkward” in the July 2021 uncomfortable footage. One said: “Mbappe was freaking uncomfortable! In another video, he can be seen turning from side to side while cutting a steak for Lewandowski. Star of Bayern Munich and Barcelona. His behavior has been well received by some of his followers with one writing:

“What an idiot restaurant clown>His followers criticized him after he posted an embarrassing clip on his Instagram Story of him spilling juice from a steak onto someone’s phone in another embarrassing moment.

The eerie footage shows the chef carving up his famous 24-karat gold steak, unaware that it’s dripping. on the phone. His series of antics has sparked fury among his followers, with one calling him Clown of the Year and many commenting “Unfollow”.

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