The day Ronaldo impressed Dua Lipa

The day Ronaldo impressed Dua Lipa

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Grammy Award-winning singer Dua Lipa hang out next to the football field ahead of the 2018 Champions League final in Kiev. What happened after that?

No Distractions at All": Cristiano Ronaldo Ignored Dua Lipa & Sent Soccer  Fans Into Frenzy - Sportsmanor

The Champions League finals, one of football’s giants, produce colorful images off the pitch. In this article and video,

The day Ronaldo impressed Dua Lipa - YouTube

I will share the interesting details that happened before and after the games that I watched from the stadium for three years in a row.

Maradona and Muhammed Salah are other colorful subjects. The 2018 Champions League final took place between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Real Madrid won the match (3-1) and broke the record of winning 3 consecutive years in this cup. I witnessed an interesting event before the game.

The players warmed up while British-Albanian singer Dua Lipa stood on the sidelines waiting for her to step onto the stage.

Dua Lipa at Olimpiyskiy Stadium Photo: Bahtiyar Küçük, Kyiv, Ukraine All eyes are on Portuguese soccer star Ronaldo.

Ronaldo meets Dua Lipa on his way to the dressing room. Dua Lipa and her band members are watching Ronaldo at the same time.

But Ronaldo ignored Dua Lipa and walked by without even looking at her. After that, Dua Lipa and her entourage started laughing together.

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