Top 10 Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

Manchester City Football Club, with its rich history and recent ascendancy to the pinnacle of English and European football, has been graced by many players who have left an indelible mark on its legacy. This blog post pays homage to the top 10 Greatest Man City players of all time, whose contributions have not only led to silverware but have also etched their names in the hearts of fans worldwide.

10. Alan Oakes:

Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

Alan Oakes, a name synonymous with loyalty and resilience, served Manchester City for an astonishing 17 years (1959-1976). With 680 appearances across all competitions, Oakes holds the record for the most appearances for the club. His tenure saw him contribute to the club’s First Division Title, FA Cup, and League Cup victories, making him a stalwart of City’s golden era.

9. Joe Hart:

Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

Joe Hart’s time between the sticks for Manchester City was nothing short of remarkable. With his incredible reflexes and commanding presence, Hart was instrumental in City’s resurgence as a footballing superpower. His contributions were pivotal in securing two Premier League titles, and he remains one of the most celebrated goalkeepers in the club’s history.

8. Yaya Touré:

Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

Yaya Touré’s arrival at Manchester City signaled the beginning of a new era of dominance. His blend of physicality and technical skill was unmatched, and his ability to turn games on their head was a sight to behold. Touré was a key figure in City’s Premier League triumphs, and his memorable goals, especially during the 2013-2014 title-winning season, have secured his place in City folklore.

7. Vincent Kompany:

Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

Vincent Kompany’s leadership and defensive prowess were the bedrock of Manchester City’s defense for over a decade. As captain, Kompany led the team to multiple Premier League titles, and his influence extended far beyond the pitch. His legacy is not just that of a great defender but also of a leader who embodied the spirit and ambition of Manchester City.

6. David Silva:

Greatest Man City Players Of All Time

David Silva, affectionately known as ‘Merlin’, was the architect of Manchester City’s play during the club’s most dominant period. His vision, passing, and ability to control the tempo of the game were unparalleled. Silva’s contributions to City’s success were instrumental, and his legacy as one of the greatest playmakers in the history of the Premier League is secure.

5. Sergio Agüero:

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Sergio Agüero’s name is etched in Premier League history for his dramatic last-minute goal that clinched the 2011-2012 title for Manchester City. As the club’s all-time leading goalscorer, Agüero’s knack for finding the back of the net was crucial in many of City’s title-winning campaigns. His legacy at the club is that of a true icon and a striker par excellence.

4. Kevin De Bruyne:

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Kevin De Bruyne’s arrival at Manchester City brought a new dimension to the team’s attacking play. His exceptional vision, precise passing, and goal-scoring ability have made him one of the most feared midfielders in the world. De Bruyne continues to be a pivotal figure in City’s quest for glory, both domestically and in Europe.

3. Colin Bell:

Colin Bell, supremely talented footballer for Manchester City and England –  obituary

Colin Bell, known as ‘The King of the Kippax’, was one of the finest midfielders of his generation. His elegance, stamina, and ability to score crucial goals were central to City’s successes in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Bell’s legacy at Manchester City is that of a player who played the game with grace and excellence.

2. Mike Summerbee:

Mike Summerbee among those being honoured today

Mike Summerbee’s pace and crossing ability terrorized defenses during City’s successful period in the late ’60s. His partnership with Colin Bell and Neil Young was legendary, and his contributions on the wing were invaluable. Summerbee’s name is synonymous with a time when Manchester City was one of the most entertaining teams in the land.

1. Neil Young:

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Neil Young, often confused with the musician of the same name, was a prolific forward for Manchester City during its most successful era. His goals and performances in key matches, including scoring the winning goal in the 1969 FA Cup Final, were crucial in City’s trophy-winning seasons. Young’s legacy is that of a player who consistently delivered when it mattered most.


Here are the Top 10 Greatest Man City Players Of All Time:

  1. Neil Young
  2. Mike Summerbee
  3. Colin Bell
  4. Kevin De Bruyne
  5. Sergio Agüero
  6. David Silva
  7. Vincent Kompany
  8. Yaya Touré
  9. Joe Hart
  10. Alan Oakes


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