Top 10 Tallest NFL Players in the World

There are many qualities of players available in the NFL/National Football League. Tallest and Shortest Players mostly you can see here and any player is known by his Quality. Some players knew tallest but some players have no height and people him as the Shorter player. Today we are going to Share information about the Top 10 Tallest NFL Players from all over the World. If you are National Football League Lovers and you don’t know about these players and about their height then this article is for you.

National Football League is the game where mostly you can see players with having awesome Height. Our list Include on Top 10 names from all around the World and this article very needful for all those people who want to get knowledge about the National Football league players from all Teams.

Who is the Tallest NFL Players in the World ?

Richard Sligh 7-0 is the NFL player Tallest ever with Height of 6-foot-10. Tight End, Morris Stroud, Michael McAdoo, Ed Lee Jones, Dan McGwire, Dan McGwire, Robert Gallery, and Travis Dorsch are also the Tallest NFL Players.

1: Defensive Tackle: 

Richard Sligh 7-0

Tallest NFL Players

Richard Ellis Sligh was one of the professional American collegiate and famous American football player. He played for the American National Football Leagues. He was Born on August 18, 1944, at Newberry, and Died on December 23, 2008, in the United States. Richard Ellis Sligh was of the taller player with Height of 2.13 m.

2: Tight End: Morris Stroud 6-10

Tallest NFL Players

Morris Stroud Jr. the tallest NFL man was born on May 17, 1946, in the USA. He did not play in the famous regular season in the year of 1969 but was on the 1969 AFL roster Championship Game. From the year of 1970 to 1974, professionally played for the NFL’s Chiefs. The height of Morris Stroud Jr is 2.08 m.

3: Tackle: Jonathan Ogden 6-9

Tallest NFL Players

Jonathan Phillip Ogden the Tallest NFL Player is a former professional offensive tackle in American football. He played his most time with the team of Baltimore Ravens of National Football League. The height of Jonathan Phillip Ogden is 2.06 m and listed in the list of Tallest players in NFL.

4: Linebacker: Michael McAdoo 6-7

Tallest NFL Players

James Michael Ray McAdoo is a well known American professional basketball player Born January 4, 1993, in the country of Norfolk. The player is famous for his awesome hight and performance ib all NFL. The height of the James Michael Ray 2.06 m.

5: Defensive End: Ed Lee Jones 6-10 Taller player in NFL

Tallest NFL Players

Ed Lee Jones, well known as Ed “Too Tall” Jones, is the tallest NFL retired American football player. He played total 15 seasons in his life for the National Football League in the team of Dallas Cowboys. This man is not only NFL players they also one of the professional boxers. Ed “Too Tall” Jones was born on February 23, 1951, in the United States. The height of Ed “Too Tall” Jones is 2.06 m and Weight is 123 kg.

6: Quarterback, Dan McGwire 6-9

Tallest NFL Players

Daniel Scott McGwire is the tallest NFL former American football quarterback. He played as a professional player for the Seattle Seahawks team and Miami Dolphins team in NFL. With the height of 6-8 Quarterback, Dan McGwire is the World Tallest player in NFL. Height Daniel Scott McGwire of 2.03 m.

7: Center: Jared Veldheer 6-8

Tallest NFL Players

Jared Veldheer the tallest NFL Player is an offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos team of the (NFL) National Football League. He was drafted by the best team Oakland Raiders in 2010 in the third round NFL Draft. He played also college football for Hillsdale College. The tallest player was Born on June 14, 1987, in the United States. The height of the Jared Veldheer is 2.03 m and Weight is 146 kg.

8: Wide Receiver: Harold Carmichael 6-8

Tallest NFL players

The tallest Nfl Player Lee Harold Carmichael is one of the former American football wide receivers and famous player in the National Football League. He played total 13 seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles team and also one season for the team Dallas Cowboys. The height of Lee Harold Carmichael is 2.02 m and known tallest player in the World.

9: Guard: Robert Gallery 6-7

Tallest NFL players

The Bets player Robert J. Gallery is a former American tallest football offensive guard born on July 26, 1980, in the USA. He played his 8 eight seasons in (NFL) National Football League. Robert J. Gallery played also college football for his University in f Iowa, USA. The Height of Robert J. Gallery is 2.01 m.

10: Kicker: Travis Dorsch 6-6

Tallest NFL players

Travis Edward Dorsch the last Tallest player in our list and former American college football player. The world professional NFL player is very famous for his game and best height. THe was born on Born: September 4, 1979, in the USA. The height of Travis Edward Dorsch1.98 m and Weight is 104 kg.

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