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UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL Man City v Inter Goals & Highlights HD

City secure famous treble

Manchester City lift the Champions League trophy Here it is, the moment Manchester City lifts the Champions League trophy after years of suffering.

It was Ilkay Gundogan, who has performed very well in recent months, who had the honor of becoming the club’s captain and ending a great season.

Manchester City players celebrate at the end of the Champions League final against Inter Milan at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

“We are champions,” rang out over the stadium’s PA system. And they are. But not only from the Champions League, but also from the FA Cup and the Premier League.

Manchester City win the treble: what is ‘the treble’ and which European men’s teams have won it?

Manchester City [1] – 0 Inter Rodri goal Champions League Final

It is an unbelievable feat and has only been achieved once in the history of English football. As the City players took turns lifting the trophy,

Pep Guardiola stepped out from the crowd of blue-shirted players to take it all. He looked up, almost pensively, at the golden confetti flying across the night sky of Istanbul. It took a while to get this team to the promised land, but they made it.

MANCHESTER CITY IS THE EUROPEAN CHAMPION Golden confetti flew around the City squad as the team celebrated the end of a historic season that ended with a hat-trick.

What a season and what a team! Erling Haaland looked a bit overwhelmed as she stepped onto the stage and held up the Champions League trophy.

No one has played a bigger role than him in this year’s successes, and the season is ending in glory.

The Manchester City players were in the mood for more talk when they showed up to receive their medals.

Pep Guardiola has a close hug with City owner Sheikh Mansour that is rarely seen but often discussed. Man City players happily received their medals and stepped on the podium to receive the trophy…


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