Who are the girlfriends and wives of the Qatar 2022 World Cup champions

Who are the girlfriends and wives of the Qatar 2022 World Cup champions

Argentina’s triumph as the champions of the Qatar 2022 World Cup was not only a result of their athletes’ outstanding performance on the field but also a testament to the unwavering support of their devoted partners.

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Throughout their journey, the Argentine National Team was accompanied by their girlfriends and wives, who stood by their side, leaving everything behind to cheer them on.

Affectionately known as “La Scalot” in honor of Lionel Scaloni’s team, these remarkable women, often accompanied by their children, celebrated the team’s victory at the Lusail Stadium, proving their status as champions in their own right.

Who are the girlfriends and wives of the Qatar 2022 World Cup champions

1. Antonela Roccuzzo: A Love Story with Lionel Messi

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Antonela Roccuzzo has been married to Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentine national team, since 2017. Their enduring love story is complemented by the joy of raising three beautiful children together.


2. Oriana Sabatini: The Talented Partner of Paulo Dybala

Oriana Sabatini partner of Paulo Dybala Oriana Sabatini is an Argentine actress, singer, and model girlfriend of Argentine soccer player Paulo Dybala.
Oriana Sabatini, an Argentine actress, singer, and model, is the girlfriend of Paulo Dybala, another prominent Argentine soccer player.

Together, they share a deep bond that goes beyond the realms of their respective careers.

3. Camila Galante: The Supportive Wife of Leandro Paredes

Camila Galante
Camila Galante, a successful businesswoman and the founder of a renowned beauty brand, has been married to Leandro Paredes since December 2017.

They have two lovely children, Victoria and Giovanni, who accompany their mother in supporting Paredes throughout his career.

4. Yesi Frías: Standing Strong with Exequiel Palacios

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Yesi Frías and Exequiel Palacios have been together since 2019. Their relationship began when Palacios was still a player at Club Atlético River Plate, commonly known as River Plate.

Their unwavering support for each other has blossomed through the highs and lows of Palacios’ football journey.

5. Daniela Rendón: The Multifaceted Partner of Franco Armani

Daniela Rendón partner of Franco Armani
Daniela Rendón is not only a fashion model but also a qualified lawyer. She is the wife of Franco Armani, the goalkeeper for River Plate.

Their shared love extends to their precious baby, who brings immense joy to their lives.

6. Agustina Gandolfo: The Model Supporting Lautaro Martinez

Agustina Gandolfo partner of Lautaro Martinez
Lautaro Martinez, the talented Argentine forward, has been in a relationship with Agustina Gandolfo, an Argentine model, since 2018.

Their love has been blessed with a daughter named Nina. Agustina’s influence extends beyond her modeling career, as she is also a social media influencer and former volleyball player.

7. Agustina Bascerano: The Devoted Partner of Germán Pezzella

Agustina Bascerano partner of Germán Pezzella
Agustina Bascerano, a successful model, has been married to Germán Pezzella since 2015. Their enduring partnership reflects their unwavering commitment to each other and their shared journey through life.

8. Valentina Cervantes: Enzo Fernández’s Loving Companion

Valentina Cervantes partner of Enzo Fernández
Valentina Cervantes has been in a relationship with Enzo Fernández since 2019, according to reports. The couple welcomed their daughter, Olivia Fernandez, into the world in May 2020, further solidifying their bond.


9. Guadalupe Ramón: Guido Rodríguez’s Lifelong Supporter

Guadalupe Ramón partner of Guido Rodríguez

Guido Rodríguez and Guadalupe Ramón began dating in 2013 and tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2020.

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