Wife of Man Utd star Fred reʋealed secret hoƄƄy as she shares video of Ƅizarre way he enjoyed the sunshine

Wife of Man Utd star Fred reʋealed secret hoƄƄy as she shares video of Ƅizarre way he enjoyed the sunshine

Discover Fred’s Musical Talent as He Enjoys April Sunshine

In a delightful turn of events, Monique Salum, the wife of Manchester United’s skilled midfielder Fred, recently shared a captivating video showcasing his cheerful spirit as he embraced the beauty of an April afternoon.

This clip offers a fascinating glimpse into a lesser-known side of the footballer – his musical talents and love for vibrant rhythms.

Embracing the April Sun

Amidst the warmth of April, Monique, a talented chemical engineer, couldn’t help but notice a change in the air as Fred transformed into a “Road Devil.”

An Unexpected Musical Performance

With a tablet playing vibrant music perched on top of his car, the 30-year-old midfielder immersed himself in the rhythms of an atabaque, a tall Afro-Brazilian hand drum.

His infectious enthusiasm resonated as he rhythmically pounded the drum, occasionally stretching his arms above his head. It was a stark contrast to the image of a man gearing up for a crucial match later that week.

United’s Upcoming Challenge

Manchester United is set to face Sevilla in the Europa League quarter-final second leg, with the tie evenly poised at 2-2. Fred, renowned for his versatility, may find himself in the starting lineup, especially with Bruno Fernandes serving a suspension.

In their recent match against Nottingham Forest, he played as a substitute in the 2-0 victory.

Midfield Concerns

Unfortunately, the midfield department faces a few setbacks, with Scott McTominay and Marcel Sabitzer nursing injuries. This creates additional pressure on Fred to deliver a strong performance in the upcoming game.

Hope for Rashford’s Return

There’s a glimmer of hope regarding Marcus Rashford’s recovery, as he might make a surprise return to the front line.

However, the absence of injured center-backs Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane poses a significant challenge to the defense.

Monique’s Encouragement

Monique, ever the supportive partner, encouraged her 303,000 Instagram followers in Portuguese to witness her husband’s musical prowess. It’s heartwarming to see the couple sharing their unique moments with their fans, showcasing the personal side of a professional footballer’s life.

In conclusion, Fred’s unexpected musical talents have brought a refreshing perspective to his life as a footballer.

As the anticipation builds for the Europa League quarter-final second leg, all eyes are on Fred and his ability to shine both on and off the pitch. Stay tuned for more updates on this charismatic and multi-talented Manchester United player.

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